To date (May 2013) we have recycled 12,386 drink pouches and 1362 lunch kits!

The school has signed up with and have joined The Lunch Kit Brigade and the Drink Pouch Brigade where we will save Kool-aide and Capri Sun drink pouches and also Lunchable containers.  A recycle bin will be put in the cafeteria to save these or they can be brought to Mrs. Adam's room.  Look at for items made with these recyclables, they would be great for Christmas presents.
Recycling Takes Off!!

As soon as school begins, so does the recycling effort. Deanna Adams, recycling coordinator for the Lunch Kit and Drink Pouch Brigade, is proud to announce this project will continue this school year. Lunch Kit Brigade is recycling of lunch kits of Lunchables and other brands that students bring to lunch. These are the plastic containers that can be dropped in a box in the cafeteria or in the elementary building. The Drink Pouch Brigade is recycling Capri Sun and Kool-aid drink pouches. These can also be put in the boxes in the cafeteria and elementary building.

Last school year, students collected 593 lunch kits and a 6,143 drink pouches! In fact, in April, Sloan Hendrix was the Drink Pouch Derby winner for the state of Arkansas by sending in more drink pouches that any other collector. Students and parents, alike, are encouraged to save drink pouches and lunch kits from home and bring to school. These items are recycled by Terracycle and anyone wishing more information should look at their website at Money from the recycle effort has not been spent as of yet.

Students are also encouraged to bring old cell phones not in use and printer ink cartridges. These items are recycled by Mrs. Linda Wallis. Money from these recyclables is spent on Mrs. Wallis' room library.