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Mrs. Angie’s
Sudoku Challenge

Mrs. Angie’s Sudoku Challenge Instructions: Complete all 8 Sudoku puzzles correctly, and receive 40 bonus points. These points will be added to any test of your choice.


  1. You must accept the challenge by Monday, January 18th and must complete the challenge by Wednesday, March 10th.

  2. The rule sheet must remain in your folder along with your puzzles.

  3. The puzzles must be completed in class. This means you will need to complete the puzzles during any spare time you have (after quizzes, tests, before class begins, etc.).

  4. Only 1 set of puzzles will be given. (If you lose the first set, you will not be given a second set.)

  5. Puzzles must be completed in PENCIL.

  6. ALL the puzzles must be completed in order to receive credit. Partial credit will not be given.

  7. You must complete the puzzles on your own!!

It is suggested that you try to complete one puzzle per week.

I have read and understand the rules of the Sudoku Challenge.



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