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September News

Sloan-Hendrix Celebrates Grandparents’ Day

Sloan-Hendrix Elementary School grades K – 4 celebrated Grandparents’ Day on Wednesday, September 16th with a breakfast for Grandparents. Gravy, biscuits, and sausage, along with milk, juice, and coffee were served to the Grandparents that were able to come by and enjoy breakfast with their grandchild or grandchildren. “We served about 192 grandparents that day,” stated Becky Foreman, Sloan-Hendrix Literacy Coach. “Grandparents are so important to a child. They can teach a child so much about the value of life.”

Becky, along with help from Rebecca Jones, Parent Center Coordinator, Deborah Lillard, cafeteria supervisor, the lunchroom ladies, and several other faculty and staff members, arranged for breakfast to be served to the Grandparents.  In the past, Sloan-Hendrix hosted Grandparents to visit the school in the late afternoons; however, due to some Grandparents not wanting to drive at night, we decided to invite the Grandparents of kindergarten through 4th grade students to come and eat breakfast with the children.

“We had a large number of grandparents that were able to attend.  They all seemed to enjoy not only the wonderful breakfast that was served, but also the wonderful time that they had getting to eat breakfast with their grandchild/grandchildren.”

Good Citizen Program
Week of September 21
Paper airplanes soared through the air as Mrs. Duncan’s 4th grade participated in an airplane contest. We learned some amazing facts about Amelia Earhart! We designed some fantastic flying machines!
Sloan-Hendrix Middle School
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Earlier this year, Congress designated September 11th as a “National Day of Service and Remembrance.” This important day also served as the culmination of “United We Serve,” an 81-day, national-service initiative launched by the President and First Lady in partnership with the Corporation for National and Community Service. Through the United We Serve initiative, Americans are connecting with service opportunities in the communities and volunteering millions of hours. As part of this effort, Arkansas First Lady Ginger Beebe led a statewide service project known as “Together We Read.” This was a one-day event to highlight the importance of literacy and the need for adult involvement in our schools. Sloan-Hendrix Elementary School became involved in the “Together We Read” project by inviting Steve Huddleston to speak and read to the third grade classes. Mr. Huddleston is a former member of the Marines and a Vietnam Veteran. He is retired from the Arkansas State Police Association. Before concluding his career in law enforcement, Mr. Huddleston was director of the Law Enforcement Training Academy at Black River Technical College.

Mr. Huddleston spoke to the children concerning the events of 9-11. He discussed the number of families that were affected by the tragic event. He had a flag that contained all of the names of people that lost their lives and a poster dedicated to the firemen that sacrificed their lives. He also brought a t-shirt that contained all of the names of the victims. Mr. Huddleston showed the students one person that was from Batesville, Arkansas that was listed on the shirt. Mr. Huddleston was very informative about the 9-11 tragedy. Mr. Huddleston also read the story, “Officer Buckle and Gloria” to the students. Although the children were very familiar with the story, Mr. Huddleston was able to add humor to the book and entertain the audience.

“We want to thank Mr. Huddleston for his informative and entertaining presentation,” said Becky Foreman, SH literacy coach, “we are proud that our school was able to be involved in the ‘Together We Read’ project. The students were very attentive to the facts concerning the 9-11 tragedy. They were also entertained by Mr. Huddleston’s “version” of the storybook.”

2009-10 Good Citizen Program
click here to learn about this program and who was a good citizen for September 8
Mrs. Duncan's 4th graders recently had fun making salt maps of the six geographic regions of Arkansas. They worked in pairs to create the salt maps.
Mrs. Dail's Middle School social studies classes observed Constitution Day on Thursday, September 17
International Literacy Day was recognized on Tuesday, September 8th at Sloan-Hendrix Elementary and Middle Schools. Teachers spent 20-30 minutes of their class participating in D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time. According to Becky Foreman, SH literacy coach, “Some of the classes set aside D.E.A.R. time each week; however, not all of the classes are able to. We choose to recognize International Literacy Day so that our students would understand how important it is to read.” Some of the students brought pillows, a favorite stuffed animal, or flashlights from home to make the reading time a little extra special that day. The children and teachers really seemed to enjoy the designated time.

Mrs. Hickman’s kindergarten class had a “camping theme” for International Literacy Day. The tent was set up for the children to sit in and read during DEAR time.  Students inside the tent, Halie Bounds, Ethan Lee, Zachary Smith, and Trey Wilson enjoyed listening to Mrs. Hickman read during D.E.A.R. time.


Caylea Johnson, a fourth grade student in Mrs. Bobbie Duncan’s class, enjoys reading during D.E.A.R time on International Reading Day.

Mrs. Dail's 5th grade social studies classes have been studying the Native Americans of North America. The students completed tepee projects as part of their studies.
Recently, the seventh grade of Sloan-Hendrix Middle School met to elect class officers.  The officers for 2009-2010 are Destiny Dail-President, Breanna Gosha-Vice President, Bailey Medley-Secretary, Ashlyn Hayes-Treasurer, and Lindsey Goodsell-Reporter.  Student Council Representatives are Lindsey Goodsell, Ethan Orrick, Whytney Caton, and Quinton Freeman.  The class hopes to have a good year and many more wonderful meetings with Destiny Dail leading us through it all. ~ Lindsey Goodsell, Reporter
Mrs. Hickman's kindergarten has been enjoying the beginning of the school year.  They made the letters in their names with play dough and had a "camping with a good book day."  All the kids brought their favorite book and a flashlight. They read the books aloud and made trail mix.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a SUPER-CHICKEN!
Last spring, the students at Sloan-Hendrix were told as an incentive for Benchmark testing that Mr. Tate, elementary and middle school principal would dress up in a chicken costume and perform the famous “chicken dance.” The students had to show improvement in their scores. On Thursday, September 4th, the students got to reap their reward. Mr. Tate all decked out in a chicken costume got to chicken dance the day away. The students in kindergarten through seventh grade watched as Mr. Tate shook his tail feathers, which he didn’t shake very well, so all of the students were invited to join him on the court to chicken dance. The students had a lot of fun and their hard work was worth the entertainment. Mr. Tate was a “super-sport” to be a “super-chicken” and go along with the event.
SH Parents and Grandparents -- What Would We Do, Without You!

On the first day for all kindergarten children, the parents were welcomed to the parent center. Mrs. Rebecca Jones, parent center director, and Mrs. Bonnie Young, parent center coordinator, hosted a donut and fruit breakfast for the parents of kindergarten children. Mrs. Bonnie, along with the kindergarten teachers, explained to the parents what the parent center does to assist the teachers. She informed the parents of the copying, making letters using the Ellison cutters, and other activities that are available for the teachers in the parent center. The parent center is a great asset to our campus at Sloan-Hendrix. Like most occupations, we seem to get busier and busier; with the help of the parent center volunteers, teachers are able to have more time for their class and be more effective in the classroom.

It is time once again for the G.U.A.R.D. (Grandparents United Against Reading Deficiencies) program to get started at Sloan-Hendrix Schools. The G.U.A.R.D. program has been established for the past 10 years at SH. “Grandparents” come to school once a week for about an hour and listen to children read. “This has been a wonderful program that we are very proud to have on our campus,” stated Rick Tate, elementary and middle school principal.

Bonnie Young, Parent Center Coordinator, and members of G.U.A.R.D.: Kathy Lester, Sarah Wells, Belinda Chappell, Warner Allen. Seated: Willene Austin, Tommie Wyatt, Patsy Jones, and Carolyn Allen. Members that could not be present include: Christine Sullivan, Jackie Sexton, Liz Marbry, and Jennifer Humes.