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2009-2010 Archive


April News

Mrs. Grisham's 2nd Graders Study Spring, Earth Day, Easter and Arbor Day. 
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Mrs. Candi’s Class News
      Our butterflies have arrived!! Our class has been watching and waiting ever since our caterpillars arrived. First they were tiny caterpillars. We watched them grow and build their chrysalis around their bodies. We waited………and we waited………….and waited. Finally, three of our four chrysalis’ opened and out came beautiful painted lady butterflies.
      This week’s letter was K. Those bringing show and tell for K were: Macy, who brought chocolate kisses for the whole class; Carley, who brought a Koala bear, a king, keys, and a Kleenex.
       Our field trip to the museum has been postponed. The students were disappointed. However, they are looking forward to next week’s trip to the zoo. We can’t wait!
      We are studying Chinese New Year this week. Our room is decorated with paper lanterns and dragons. Each student was given a lai see (a little red envelope) to put paper money in. The students have until next Thursday to collect as much paper money as they can. When the student is “caught being good”, a paper dollar will be placed in their lai see. The boy and girl with the most dollars will be able to trade their money in for something. Good luck to everyone!
Hickman's Kindergarten Celebrates Spring
     Spring has sprung in our classroom! We have been studying about the life cycles of chickens, butterflies, and plants. Four of our caterpillars have formed their chrysalis. We are keeping an observation journal of our caterpillars' changes. Our plants have sprouted, hopefully we will soon have flowers, carrots, radishes, and onions! Our chicks are set to hatch at the first of May. We have also been studying the letter Xx. We had some great show and tell for Xx. Dalton brought X-men. Taylor brought an x-ray of her dad. Isaac brought an x-ray of his brother's teeth. Kalee brought Xx's. Addison brought a picture of an x-ray that her sister had drawn. Amy brought Extra gum. Cade brought Germ-x and x-rays of his head and face. Harper brought a Texans helmet and Extra gum. Haiden brought an x-ray of his spine. Jeremiah brought pictures of a xylophone, fox, and a box. Chaney brought a huge Xylophone and an x card. Fallon brought a xylophone. Good job boys and girls!
       We celebrated Easter on Friday, April 22nd. We colored eggs and had an egg hunt. The girls hid eggs for the boys and the boys hid eggs for the girls. Everyone had a great time and found many many eggs!
Addison Doney, Kalee Crum, Jeremiah Ingram, Cade Grisham, Harper Rorex, and Haiden Woods with Xx show and tell Dalton Cooper, Kalee Crum, Taylor Mitchell, Layla Ulibarri, and Chaney Johnson coloring Easter Eggs Fallon Matthews and Chaney Johnson with Xx show and tell


Taylor Mitchell and Dalton Cooper with Xx show and tell


Easter Egg Hunt


Adam's Kindergarten has an Exciting Easter

Camron Passmore and T.J. Son, as well as other kindergarten boys, anxiously await the Easter Egg Hunt at Sloan Hendrix Kindergarten. The girls had hidden the eggs for the boys to find.

Easter was alot of fun for Mrs. Adams' kindergarten. Thursday, we dyed eggs. But also Thursday, students watched as 4 kinds of eggs were cooked--boiled, scrambled, fried and poached. Students then tasted each kind of egg. Then, a math graph was made to determine which kind was most liked. As it turns out, poached was the favorite. Students loved how soft is was and also nongreasy. The egg hunt was Friday and thank goodness the weather held out till after it was over. Students found around 800 eggs on the playground. What an adventure! Thanks to the parents who braved the hunt. Mr. Bryce Baldridge, of the Lawrence County Extension Office, came to check on the egg hatching project. Everything is going as planned. Our butterflies have made their chrysalis and are in the habitat waiting on their birth.
Mrs. Adams Kindergarten News

Bryce Baldridge of the Lawrence County Extension Service shows kindergarten student, Alyson Woodard, how to put chicken egg in the incubator. All kindergarten students set an egg and can't wait to be proud parents.
Many thanks to Bryce Baldridge of the Extension Service for coming to kindergarten to set chicken eggs. Mr. Baldridge explained all about how his process works and showed students a film about hatching eggs at a big, huge level in Batesville. The chicks should make an appearance around May 3. Mrs. Patrea Son brought one of her son, T.J.'s, kittens to class. Students really enjoyed seeing the bobtail kitten and of course holding and petting it. The class is busy getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt, Friday April 22. Students have been keeping picture journals of the caterpillars. Friday, April 15, it looked like some were making their way to the top of the cup to form the chrysalis.
Busy Times in Mrs. Yarbro's Class

         We started our week off by getting a new student. Zoey comes from Pocahontas school. We now have twenty students. We have eleven boys and nine girls.
            We are so glad testing is over. We celebrated our success with popcorn, drink, and a movie. We also had the pleasure of watching one of our very own show her calf, Bandit. Carley Morgan and Bandit won Reserve Grand Champion Friday at the Spring Fling Show. Carley also showed a goat and won Grand Champion. We were there to cheer her on and we are so proud of her!
           Our class enjoyed listening to a story read by Ms. Lyna Meeks and Mrs. Linda Campbell from H.I.P.P.Y. Ms. Lyna is a home-based educator, while Mrs. Campbell is not only the coordinator but one of our student’s grandmother. Lucia Dial was very pleased her grandmother could be here. H.I.P.P.Y. stands for Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters.
              We finished up our week with show and tell for the letter w. Dakota brought a walking robot. Jameson, Arissa, and Makayla, and Carley brought watches. Carley also brought a whale. Heather showed off her wooden horse and Zoey wore beautiful purple wings. Finishing out the letter w was Macy with gummy and sour worms, which the class enjoyed very much.

Mrs. Adams News
Construction workers pour cement using crane and hose. Students in Mrs. Deanna Adams Kindergarten were just fascinated with how workers poured cement. Mrs. Adams stated, "I think students would have just stood and watched all day. The cement coming out of the hose was really great to watch."
Camron Passmore celebrated his birthday this past week. Congratulations to Camron. This week students learned all about magnets. Students loved the magnet balls and wands the best. Our class also received our caterpillars. The class is excited to watch them and can't wait till they go to the next stage. This week kindergarten will be setting eggs to hatch with the help of Bryce Baldridge of the Extension Service. Students will learn how many days it takes to hatch, watch a film from the supplier about hatching eggs at the plant and each student will set an egg.
The Greatest School on Earth!
Sloan-Hendrix Circus Pep Rally
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and a few of its entertainers have found their way to Mrs. Candi’s class. Fully dressed in circus attire is our lioness, Carley Morgan; trapeze performers Arissa White and Makayla Gosha; and clowns, Cooper Hale, Luke Murphy, and Macy Lamb. We are kicking off testing with a circus themed pep rally!