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August News

Meet the Teacher
Sloan-Hendrix Schools had “Meet the Teacher” Day, Monday, August 17th. This was a good chance for families of students to come by and meet their teacher and see their classroom for the upcoming school year. Several families took this opportunity to bring school supplies and complete necessary paperwork that the families usually have the first day as “parent homework.” “We had a great number of families participate in our “Meet the Teacher” Day,” stated Rick Tate, elementary and middle school principal, “it makes a difference in a child’s attitude toward school when he/she can see the support that their family has of the school.” “We have a wonderful dedicated faculty and staff at Sloan-Hendrix. Several of them have spent many hours at school this summer preparing for the upcoming school year. I sincerely appreciate all this extra time that they have spent getting their classrooms and lesson plans ready. I know that because of their hard work, they will have a successful year.” Mr. Tate also expressed plans to have more activities that will include family involvement throughout the year. “We want the students to know that the school and the community will work together to create a successful learning environment.”
Back to School at Sloan-Hendrix
Wow! Summer is almost over and it’s time for school! Back to school at Sloan-Hendrix brought about good feelings for the majority of students. From kindergarten to sixth grade, students were asked what they liked the most about school starting again. When asked about kindergarten, Lakyn Phares, daughter of Shawn and Shara Phares, said, “I like it.” Lakyn is ready to do some work and her favorite thing to do is to draw. First graders, Cayden Tribble said that he looks forward to doing more math this year and Samantha Clay looks forward to reading and having homework. Samantha also likes the little desk that the first graders use. When asked about school, third grader, Kelsey Lee, said, “It’s great!” Jade Hickman and Felicia Collins, sixth grade students, said that they liked seeing their friends the most since school has started back. Sixth grader Jessica Patterson likes being in Mrs. Stephen’s class. Payton Oliver, sixth grader, misses sleeping in and not getting to go mudding all the time but likes being with his friends. Overall, being back together with their friends seemed to be the most popular answer for what the students look forward to when it comes to school starting back.