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August News

Miss Bindergarten at SH
The book, “Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten”  by Joseph Slate, the teacher, Miss Bindergarten is preparing for the first day of kindergarten while her new students, whose names begin with each letter of the alphabet, are on their way to school.  Sloan-Hendrix had their very own Miss Bindergarten aka Mrs. Adams on the first day of kindergarten.  Mrs. Adams, dressed in full attire as Miss Bindergarten, welcomed her new students to school.  She read the book and did various activities with the letters of the alphabet and the children’s names to get the kindergarten year started.  By the end of the day, “Miss Bindergarten” claimed that this would be the best class that she has ever had. 

SH First Day
            The first day for students at Sloan-Hendrix was not only the first day for students to go on to the next grade level but also the first day for a lot of new students to attend SH.  With the increase in enrollment, there were expected challenges when it came to bus routes, breakfast and lunch times, and schedule rotations.  However, the day flowed along very smoothly.  “Faculty and staff are to be commended for being prepared professionally,” stated Rick Tate, elementary and middle school principal.  Mr. Rorex, high school principal, agreed that the faculty and staff excelled in adhering to any struggles that occurred. 
            When asked about their favorite part of the first day of school, seventh grade student, Madison Luffman, said that she enjoyed getting to be with her friends again.  First grader, Devon Comstock, liked his teacher, Mrs. Wells, and getting to play on the big playground at recess time.  Middle school students were given tours of each of their classes so that they would be able to understand where they needed to be and when they needed to be there. 
            Although, as with any new school year, there were a few “kinks,” SH students, families, faculty and staff, have proven what a successful school year this will work out to be.           

Open House Brings In a Big Crowd at SH
The Sloan-Hendrix School District offered Open House, Meet-the-Teacher evening on Monday, August 16th.  Students and their families were given the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher(s) and see their classrooms.  Also, several elementary students were able to bring school supplies to reduce the amount of materials that they had to carry in on the first day of school.  The Open House event was very well attended.  “We are very excited about the upcoming school year.  When we had such a good number of attendees for the evening event, it was a positive sign of the amount of parental involvement that we will have for the year,” stated Rick Tate, elementary and middle school principal, “we know that we have several challenges ahead of us but with the support of the families, we are very excited about accomplishing the goals that we have set forth for the upcoming school year.  I truly appreciate all of the families that were able to attend.  It makes a big difference in a child’s educate when he/she knows that their family supports the educational institution.”