Sloan-Hendrix Math Team
Excels at State Competition

 Nathan DeShazo
(7th Grade)

         Mrs. Angie Gilbreath, Mrs. Cheryl Hufstedler, and Mrs. Sheila DeShazo, took twenty-four of their students to the MathFest Competition held on Monday, November 8, 2010 at the State Convention Center in Little Rock.  The twenty-four students were chosen because of their outstanding achievement in Mathematics.  Each grade level competed for an hour and half answering a variety of math questions.   There were a total of 1,500 students, from the state, who attended the competition.    

Each student was placed within their grade level and given ten tickets to carry throughout the competition.  The students were given one problem at a time.  If the student answered a questioned incorrectly, they had to surrender a ticket.  When a student had surrendered all of their tickets, then he/she was eliminated from the competition.  As the competition continued, the students were given math problems that were above their grade level.  As many of the students had to walk away from the competition, the Sloan-Hendrix Math Team was standing strong.  Eventually, each grade level had only 15 – 20 students left.  These students were each awarded a medal and earned an invitation to the Regional Math Competition which will be held in Atlanta, Georgia in March.

            All of the students competing received a participation ribbon.  The following students attended the competition and received participation ribbons:  Josh Stephens, Claire Causbie, Brittney Murphy, Marlie Hufstedler, and DJ Rojas (5th Grade), Aley Thielemier, Caitlin Waddell, Jamie Zimmerman, Sidney Miles, and Autumn Doney (6th Grade), Sarah Lamb and Amber Swartzlander (7th Grade), and Bailey Medley, Bethany Medley, Ashlyn Hayes, and Cody Anderson (8th Grade).

            Landon Gilbreath (1st Grade), Kandyce Clay (5th Grade), Jade Hickman and Nathan DeShazo (7th Grade), and Chris Swartzlander and Whytney Caton (8th Grade) walked away from the competition with a medal and an invitation to the U.S. Regional Math Competition.

            Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Hufstedler, and Mrs. DeShazo would like to express how proud they are of their students!!  “Our Math students did an awesome job in the competition and we are extremely proud of them.  They ALL represented Sloan-Hendrix very well!”

Jade Hickman (7th Grade)

Kandyce Clay
(5th Grade)

Chris Swartzlander
(8th Grade)

Landon Gilbreath
(1st Grade)

Whytney Caton
(8th Grade)

Math Team

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