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September News

Mrs. Hickman's Kindergarten Class has a Busy September

We are learning all about the letter Ss. The kids brought in an item from home that started with Ss for our show and tell this week. Taylor brought a stroller, Harper brought a skateboard and a snake, Chaney brought sunglasses and Silly Tilly, Amy, Gracie, and Haiden brought seashells, Addison brought Sprite, shoes, and The Seven Silly Eaters, Cade brought Scooby-Doo, Skippyjon Jones, and a Skippyjon Jones book, Dalton brought snakes and a spider, Layla brought sunglasses and a sleep bug, Isaac brought Spiderman, Ethan brought a sting ray, a saddle, and sunglasses, and Kalee brought Sylvester. Wow! I can not wait to see what they bring next week for Tt!

We have had several kings and queens! We are now writing about about our favorite animals. The King or Queen is the line leader for the day and we write a letter about their favorite color and we make a book for them about their favorite color. The king or queen gets to take their book and letter home to share with their families. Harper's favorite animal was an octopus, Gracie's favorite animal was a panda, Dylan's favorite animal was a horse, and Chaney's favorite animal was a cat.

Students have brought several great items for us to count in the Counting Jar! Layla brought 7 crayons, Cade brought 10 dinosaurs, Dalton brought 20 acorns, Lily brought 20 rocks, and Harper brought 10 skateboards.

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed week last week! We learned many interesting things about Johnny Appleseed, including the fact that he often did not wear shoes! We enjoyed many apple snacks including apple butter, apple jelly, apple sauce, caramel and red apples, green apples, and yellow apples, apple juice, apple cider, and even apple pie! Yum Yum! We would like to say a special "Thank You" to all the parents who donated apple items to our classroom. Many went way beyond! We also enjoyed a story presentation about Johnny Appleseed from Mrs. Grisham's second grade class. They did a great job and we really enjoyed the story!

The class enjoying the Johnny Appleseed
presentation given to us by Mrs. Grisham's class

Sloan-Hendrix Middle School Math Career Night – A HUGE Success!!
          Over 250 individuals gathered in the Bill McCurley Gymnasium on Thursday, September 23, 2010 to learn the importance of mathematics.  The students and parents began their evening with a warm welcome and then they began their journey through the math world.  Throughout their journey, they visited fourteen different stations, each explaining the importance of math.  The students learned how math is used in every career choice.  “We believe that the event has left a lasting impact on our students,” stated Mrs. Angie Gilbreath.  “I realize now that math isn’t just a subject anymore, it’s a part of life,” stated a student.  Another student stated “Thank you for hosting the math night last night.  I had so much fun!”  At the conclusion of the evening, sixteen door prizes were awarded and refreshments were served.  “We are so grateful for our community volunteers.  The students are still talking about how much fun they had,” stated Mrs. Hufstedler.  Mrs. Angie and Mrs. Hufstedler would like to thank the following individuals for all of their hard work:  Dr. Aaron Murphy of Murphy Dental Care, Dr. Brandon Murphy of Pocahontas Family Medical Center, Gevan Murphy of Imboden Medical Pharmacy, Amy Freeman, R. N. of Arkansas Methodist Medical Center, Gene Ponder of AET, Maenola Hardin of Westridge Animal Center, Deborah Lillard and the cafeteria ladies of Sloan-Hendrix, Danny Hufstedler of Hi-Spec Tooling, Butch Dail and Kevin Rawls of Black River Technical College, Anthony Dail and Scotty Dail of the Arkansas State Police, Kevin Morris of Greenway Equipment, Shawn Phares of IBEW, and Leah Honeycutt of Archer Realty.  Mrs. Angie and Mrs. Hufstedler would also like to thank the following businesses for their generous donations:  Spring River Outpost, Subway, Willie’s Diner, Pig-n-Out BBQ, and River Front Café.

The 7th grade students are learning about Ancient History.
They practiced writing their names in Phoenician. The Phoenician alphabet formed the basis for the alphabet that we use today.

The 5th grade have been studying Native Americans of North America. They finished up their studies by making tepees.

Something “Fishy” at Sloan-Hendrix

Something “fishy” was happening at Sloan-Hendrix Elementary School earlier this month.  Representatives from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission brought the mobile aquarium to the campus for the children to view along with information concerning the “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs” program.  Representatives included:  Wade Spence, Anthony “Moose” Hawkins, and Roger Tate along with Arkansas Game and Fish technicians with the Spring River Trout Hatchery in Mammoth Spring, Sean Saunders and Mike Davis.  The technicians brought the mobile fish aquarium to the campus.  The aquarium contains only fish that are located in the lakes, rivers, and streams of Arkansas. 

The students in grades kindergarten through the fourth grade were able to view the aquarium and gain information concerning the fish that are located in our local lakes and rivers.  The students were very impressed with the fish, but the turtle won a landslide victory as being the favorite.  According to Mr. Saunders, he’s always the star of the show.  He was actively swimming around in the tank. 

The students were also informed on the different effects of drug and alcohol abuse.  Mr. Hawkins let most of the children, and some of the teachers, wear the goggles that simulate drunken vision as they attempted to walk a straight line.  This demonstrated to the students how much people can be impaired by the use of drugs and alcohol.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) was very informative concerning the “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs” campaign.  “The students were able to gain knowledge through a “hands-on” approach,” stated Becky Foreman, literacy coach at SH.   “The AGFC was able to present information that is important to children in a fun and meaningful way.”