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November News

Students Use Math to Make Tasty Thanksgiving Desserts
Sloan Hendrix Teams Up with Terracycle
Sloan Hendrix School has teamed up with TerraCycle to recycle two products. TerraCycle aims to eliminate the idea of waste. The programs are called brigades. Sloan Hendrix school will participate in the drink pouch brigade and the lunch kit brigade. Products included in the brigade are Capri Sun drink pouches and Lunchables lunch kits. TerraCycle is able to take the waste which would normally go to a landfill or be incinerated and make new products. Some of the products made from the brigades are fences, coolers, fertilizer, picture frames, scrapbooks, backpacks and much, much more. TerraCycle engages more than 15 million people at 90,000 locations in 11 countries to collect non-recyclable waste and turns it into a wide variety of products. To find out more and to purchase great items visit Collection boxes will be set up in the cafeteria and the elementary building.
Kindergarten Students Discover Archeology
Sidney Thomas, student archeologist, finds a large shell in her midden. Students all hoped that their archeological finds would be important.
As part of our Arkansas studies, Mrs. Adams' Kindergarten students were thrilled to pretend to be archeologists for a day. Each student had a pretend midden and used brushes to carefully move soil to find any hidden treasures. Students found shells, corn, feathers and more. Then, discussion was held as to what early peoples could have used these items for in their community. After having been to the Parkin Archeological Park, students recognized that many of their finds could have been used to decorate, either people or pottery. Special thanks to the Arkansas Humanities Council and the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation for allowing students the opportunity for this study.
Get Your Nerd On!
These Sloan-Hendrix students showed their Paw Pride by dressing up on Nerd Day on Tuesday, November 15, during Homecoming week.
Mrs. Adams Kindergarten News
The class had a terrific time touring the Wings of Honor Museum and then eating lunch at the Parachute Inn, both in Walnut Ridge. Our tour guide for the museum Mr. Bill was an excellent guide and students just loved him. Students just couldn't believe what a typewriter looked like during the time when the site was a base. The pictures of all the airplanes on the base and how later they would be taken apart, really caused the students pause. Students were able to read the "graph" concerning how many soldiers America, Germany and Japan had and their teacher was ecstatic. All of the uniforms and airplanes held their attention, especially the "trainer" cockpit. Thanks so much to all those volunteers who made our Veterans Day memorable. After the Wings of Honor museum, students went to the Parachute Inn for lunch. Students loved sitting in the cockpit and pretending to fly (although none could see out the front windows--too short!) All students had their picture made in the cockpit. The class loved looking out the windows as they were eating and trying to figure out all those buttons in the ceiling. Thanks so much to Rhonda Higginbotham.

Maddix Kemp and River Womack enjoy sitting in the pilots seat of the 737 airplane which is part of the Parachute Inn in Walnut Ridge.

Elementary Quiz Bowl Team Competes at Walnut Ridge
Mrs. Yarbro's Class News
What an exciting week! Our Pumpkin Hollow trip was rescheduled for this Monday due to rain and we were so glad. The students had so much fun and the fields were dry enough that we got to pick our own pumpkins. We were also treated to a hayride and got to play on huge hay bales. We went through a corn maze led by Ms. Priscilla. We also went into the Friendly Forest for some play time. The students got to grind corn and feed the chickens. We learned that pumpkins grow on vines and on the ground. We were taught about the different kinds of gourds. We ended our journey back at the picnic tables and sat down and ate lunch before returning to school.

Since our Pumpkin Hollow trip was rescheduled for Halloween day, we decided to do our Halloween celebration on Tuesday during snack time. We had a ton of candy. Thanks to all my parents for sending. Our wonderful parent center made spider hats for us to wear. We carved out our pumpkin and learned about what’s inside a pumpkin and what you can do with it. The main focus of our lesson was sequencing of events. We later wrote about how we carved the pumpkin.

Friday was our second field trip. We traveled to Parkin Archeological Park to study about the Casqui Indians. It was cold but the students had a terrific time making their own pottery bowls and arrowhead necklaces. Each student made their own bowl out of clay and their necklaces were made with arrowheads and beads.

Gunnar poses in the Friendly Forest   the different gourds hanging from vines at Pumpkin Hollow   Malachi poses with his spider hat   Grace pulls out pumpkin pulp   Nathan is excited about making his own pottery bowl.
2nd Grade Round-Up - Click here for more of the Round-Up
Dressed in their best western wear second grade cowboys and cowgirls gathered at the Imboden City Park last Friday for a Cowboy/Cowgirl Round-Up. Mr. Shawn Phares was the camp cook and grilled the hot dogs. Mrs. Jackie Sexton led the singing accompanied by Mr. Mike Duncan. on guitar. We had lots of good helpers and wonderful parents who supplied the food. We are thankful to everyone who made our farewell to the west such a success!
Brian Hill and Ava Lawrence dressed in western wear ready for the round-up   Walker Sexton and Landon Gilbreath dressed for the round-up  

Jackie Sexton and Mike Duncan entertaining the cowboys and cowgirls with "wild west'"songs!