The second grade of Sloan-Hendrix observed Johnny Appleseed Day on Monday, September 26 by learning about Johnny Appleseed and apples.

In honor of Johnny Appleseed Mrs. Duncan's second graders conducted a taste test and graphed the results. Using a red delicious apple, a yellow delicious apple, and a green granny smith apple students savored each bite as they determined which one their taste buds liked best. After making their decision students charted the results on a bar graph. The red delicious apple received four votes, the yellow delicious apple received five votes, and the green granny smith apple received the most votes with six total. Mrs. Duncan commented, "I would have never guessed that the granny smith apple would have won the contest by the expressions on students' faces when they bit into the sour green apples."

Mrs. Grisham's class began the morning with the students presenting a reader’s theater of two different plays entitled "Johnny Appleseed" adapted by Pleasant DeSpain and "I am Johnny Appleseed" by Susan Nanus to the kindergarten and first grade classes. The boys and girls did a superb job. Throughout the month of September, students and parents of all three 2nd grades were asked to send their favorite apple recipe to school. With the help of Mr. Russ Griffin’s Sr. Technology Seminar class, we created an “Apple-licious” recipe book filled with our 2nd grade family recipes. After lunch, Mrs. Grisham's class put one of those recipes to the test by making Taffy Apple Pizza! Students read the directions and whipped up a YUMMY apple-licious treat. Students also participated in an apple taste test. They voted Granny Smith apples as their favorite kind of apple. Second graders finished off the taste test by drinking scrumptious apple cider!

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