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March News

Mrs. Yarbro's Class News
We have been visiting Antartica this week. We learned about the Emperor penguin and how he takes care of his baby egg. We have also been getting ready for Easter. We enjoyed coloring Easter pictures, dyeing eggs, and hunting eggs!! The best part of our week was our CRAZY hair day. Our class collected the most capri/koolaid pouches so we got to be very creative for our crazy hair day picture. We had some wild hair!!
Alyssa with eggs
in the head
  Stormy sporting several
colorful braided pigtails
  Trevor with his
Mohawk Madness
Hoops in the Halls Raises Money
Candi Yarbro's class raised the most money for the Hoops in the Halls fundraiser for the Arkansas Children's Hospital.  Zoey Wolfe sold 108 balls to contribute to her class' win.  Mrs. Candi's class will be treated to a ice cream party for being the class that raised the most money.  Sloan- Hendrix raised a total of $253.00.  This fundraiser is coordinated by the Lawrence County Circle of Friends.

Zoey Wolfe

Mrs. Lewis First Grade Class News
Mrs. Stephanie Lewis' first grade students, Kiana Mahaffey, Logan Hill, Katelyn Graddy, Aiden Walton, Xander Dixon, and Corey Dail pictured with math specialist, Mrs. Stacey Wilson, were top achievers on their addition math facts fluency assessment.
Mrs. Stephanie Lewis' first grade students, Maddix Kemp and Heather Simington, pictured with Math specialist, Mrs. Stacey Wilson, improved the most on their addition math fact fluency.
Math facts, math facts, math facts! We have been trying really hard to become very fluent in our addition and subtraction math facts before we enter 2nd Grade! The students recently took an addition math facts fluency assessment and did very well on it! They had 3 minutes and 22 seconds to complete 40 addition problems. Those who completed all 40 problems correctly were Kiana Mahaffey, Logan Hill, Katelyn Graddy, Aiden Walton, Xander Dixon, and Corey Dail! Great job, guys! There were several others who came very close, but ran out of time! I am also very proud of Maddix Kemp and Heather Simington for improving the most since the January fluency assessment. We will soon see who will be our subtraction fact achievers!

The week before Spring Break our word study feature was variant vowel /ar/. Those who made a 100% were Katelyn Graddy, Kiana Mahaffey, Austin Nunally, and Emma Yarbro. Everyone is doing very well on following sentence rules on their decodable sentence on their test as well!

Those students who made a 100% on their comprehension test were Katelyn Graddy, Logan Hill, Maddix Kemp, Kiana Mahaffey, Wyatt McIntare, Ashlie Raymer, Aiden Walton, and Emma Yarbro. I am so proud of you guys! They had to read a story and answer questions about the story all on their own! Again, we are getting prepared for 2nd grade!

In math, we have been studying Length. Those who made a 100% on their test were Corey Dail, Katelyn Graddy, Logan Hill, Maddix Kemp, Austin Nunally, and Heather Simington. We will soon be studying about weight and graphs! Keep up the great work boys and girls!

Mrs. Candi's Class News
We helped Spring move right in by making kites. Students used large tissue paper and drew pictures on them. They are flying high in the hall!

We began our new unit by studying the continents. We began with Asia and concentrated on China. The students enjoyed eating rice and egg rolls.

Thanks to all my parents that came to parent teacher conferences. I had 100% participation. This means so much to me but it really shows that you care and are interested in your child's learning. Way to go!!

We were so ready for Spring Break. I hope everyone enjoyed their time off.

Literacy Day at Sloan-Hendrix
Mr. Tate is proud to present the Middle School Honor Roll for the Third Nine Weeks
The Sloan-Hendrix Middle School Drama Club Presents
The Cheetah and the Sloth
The Brementown Rappers
The Ugly Woodpecker
Little Late Riding Hood
Slurping Beauty
Oreo Day Doom
Filmed and Edited by the SHHS Senior Technology Seminar Class
Mrs. Adams' Kindergarten News

Kannon Dillport and Nickolas Hemphill act out the story Charlie Needs A Cloak during our study of Australia.

Our class had a super time learning about Australia. First, we read the story, Is your Mama a Llama? Also, from the authors website, we learned that Australia has lots of llamas and sheep ranches. Students and teachers really thought the yarn made from the llama was beautiful and too bad most was sold out. We learned all about shearing, carding and coloring the wool from sheep from the Charlie story. We also learned that llamas chew their cud like some cows. We read The Milk Makers and learned all about chewing cuds. YUCK!

This morning, our class had a special visitor. Barney Bear, the World Traveler just came in from Australia. He stopped by our class to show two post cards he had bought and two stuffed animal souvenirs, a kangaroo and a bat. Barney Bear left at lunch to go for another vacation. I guess we'll have to see where he will go this week.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!
from Mrs. Yarbro's Class
 We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday by wearing hats of our choice to school. We were also entertained at an assembly honoring Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed Mrs. Becky Foreman reading a story to our class. Her hat was a fish bowl with a fish on top. Very cute. Our class cooked and ate green eggs and ham. The students also learned a lesson about solid, liquid, and gas.

 Kiera not quite sure if she wants to eat green eggs and ham.
Emma enjoying every bite!
Mrs. Adams' Class Celebrates Literacy Day
Literacy Day was a great success as our class performed a skit for parents titled, Caps for Sale. This is a story about a peddler who tries selling his caps, but since no customers are buying decides to take a nap outside of town. During his sleep, monkeys take his caps. The peddler tries and tries to get the monkeys to give the hats back, but not until the peddler throws his own cap down on the ground do the monkeys do the same. Some students were monkeys in the skit, while others were playing musical instruments and Zaiden Ray Taylor and Colton Rainwater took turns being the peddler. Students also listened to many stories from Dr. Seuss on literacy day, as it was in celebration of his birthday.