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February News

GT Student's Stories Inspire Plays        

2016 Story Store Winners: from left Tyler Harris, Emily Tidwell, and Lakyn Phares.

Gifted and talented students in grades third through sixth attended the Story Store Thursday, February 18. We had three students who were honored that day for their stories they submitted. The students traveled to the Walnut Ridge Community Center to view the final product created by Story Store winners and Williams Baptist College students. Story Store is a creative writing project in which students submit stories to Melinda Williams at Williams Baptist College; she and her theatre students put together plays based upon the writings.
Sloan Hendrix Spelling Bee:
B.J Davis Champion and Tyler Harris Runner up
Special News from Mrs. Candi's class
Kasin enjoying
McDonald's lunch!
This week Mrs. Candi's class had 1 student, Kasin Bowers, that has completed 100% of the Kindergarten curriculum on Dreambox. He was treated with McDonald's lunch and ate with a friend. Congratulations Kasin!
Mrs. Yarbro's Class News
We have had a very busy week in Mrs. Candi's class. We enjoyed students coming in and doing a book talk to our class. Brady and Cloie read Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl. The students received book marks after the talk. On Wednesday, our class traveled to Mrs. Morgan's chemistry class. The students made snowmen out of mini marshmallows and then watched them grow. This was very exciting for the students. On Thursday, we practiced writing our word study words in shaving cream, and Friday was the big day! During the morning, Dr. Aaron Murphy came and did a dental presentation to all the kindergartners. He was so kind to give each student a new toothbrush and toothpaste. We enjoyed hearing him read the big book "Moose's Loose Tooth". In the afternoon, we celebrated our Valentines Day. We enjoyed an ice cream party with lots of sweets and balloons. I appreciate all the parents that were able to attend.
Dr. Murphy enjoys talking to the students about dental awareness   Molly shows off her new lips at the Valentine party.   Miranda is ready to watch her snowman grow in chemistry class.   Bailey likes using shaving cream to help her spell words.   Mrs. Candi's class with Brady and Cloie after booktalk.
Mrs. Whitlow's Third Grade News
The students came back from Christmas Break ready to learn! We have had a busy month in January. They have discovered they love to research. While they were reading the story: "A Young Thomas Edison" the students got to pick a notable, creative, or inventive person to research. After they finished their research they created an iPad display. We had research done on artists, presidents, singers, and many more. The students also celebrated the 100th day of school on January 27th. It sure doesn't seem like we have already been in school for 100 days. Time flies when you are having fun and learning.  Next, we are looking forward to Valentines Day!!!!