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At Sloan-Hendrix the members of the Grandparents United Against Reading Deficiencies (G.U.A.R.D.) are grand. Rebecca Jones is the director of the program that began eleven years ago at Sloan-Hendrix. It is an excellent ‘grandparent’ volunteer organization that we are very proud to have in our school,” stated Rick Tate, SH Principal, “due to the success of the program, we hope to be able to continue it from year to year.”

The G.U.A.R.D. program consists of older adults coming into the school one or two times a week for about an hour. They read and work with the students. This year we have twelve members in the organization. Some of the G.U.A.R.D. members read and work with the same students each week. Some of the members work with all of the students over a period of time in a certain classroom. This gives the children some extra assistance and attention. Our children become very attached to the grandparents that work with them. In fact, a lot of the G.U.A.R.D. members work with all of the children from a certain class because each child wants to read to the grandparent. Some of the children do not have grandparents that live nearby. The program allows a child to have some quality time reading to an adult other than a parent or teacher. The program is not only a great benefit to the children but also a wonderful experience for our older adults. They really enjoy coming to school and working with the children. Some days one wonders who looks forward to ‘Grandparent Day’ the most, the grandparents or the children. 

G.U.A.R.D. members were treated to an Appreciation Luncheon. Members that were able to attend were: Across the front from left to right: Warner Allen, Christine Sullivan, Sara Wells, Willene Austin, Carolyn Allen, Belinda Chappel. Back: Bonnie Young, Jennifer Humes, Liz Marbry, Rick Tate, Rebecca Jones, and Patsy Jones. Not Pictured: Kathy Lester, Jackie Sexton, Tommy Wyatt
Bonnie Young, Parent Center Facilitator, was raised in the Bono/Jonesboro area, attending Bono School. She is married to Lavon Young. Their three children, Kelly, Melissa, and Kim are graduates of Sloan-Hendrix School. Mrs. Bonnie has nine beautiful grandchildren and one great grandson. Her favorite hobbies are reading, crafts and traveling, especially to the Dallas, Texas area with her children. Bonnie has coordinated the Parent Center since 1997. Parents will find a helpful and friendly atmosphere when they volunteer or need materials.
The Sloan-Hendrix Parent Center’s goal and purpose is to make “All Parents” comfortable helping their children to succeed as well as themselves. It has been proven that a child does better in school when parents are involved in their education.
Effective communication is essential for building school/family partnerships and serves as the foundation for constructing all other home/school activities. The PawPrints, a newsletter and a calendar of scheduled activities are sent home monthly.
The Parent Center serves as a resource for parenting, grade level curriculum, behavior, and other assistance as needed. In addition to materials to check out, professionals are scheduled to present programs on family nights.
Volunteers provide a valuable support to the classroom teacher, preparing various activities to support the students learning.

The G.U.A.R.D. (Grandparents United Against Reading Deficiencies) enhances the literacy program in kindergarten, first and second grades.  In the Guard Program, our volunteer "grandparents" work with children in small groups of two or three or in individual settings.  With this program, children are given extra attention to help with needed skills.  Our "grandparents" are a wonderful asset to our school.  Two of our "grandparents," Ms. Marbry and Mrs. Christine have volunteered every year since our program began.  Our children love to work with their "grandparents."  At the end of the year our "grandparents" were treated to a lunch.  They each received a framed picture with the children they worked with

Guard Article -- September, 2008
The P.T.E. ( Parents and Teachers in Education) supports projects to provide opportunities that would not be available.

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