Sloan-Hendrix High School Bulletin

Preserving Yesterday, Excelling Today, Preparing for Tomorrow

February 2, 2015

This Week

  • Progress reports will go out Tuesday, February 10.

  • Mrs. Rorex will meet with all seniors Friday, 3rd period, in the student center.

  • Club meetings will be set for Friday.

    • Junior Class 3rd hour- Mrs. McCormic

    • Gifted/Talented 4th hour- Mrs. Stephens

    • Drama 6th hour- Mrs. Dean

    • Art 7th hour- Coach Presley

  • Friday is National Red Day in awareness of heart attack/strokes.

  • Students in grades 8-12 will be MAP testing during the month of February.

  • Mrs. Parker will hold practice for Junior High Quiz Bowl Wednesday, 6th period.

  • (Teachers) Letters of intent are ready and have been placed in your mailboxes. Please complete and return them to the office.

  • Mrs. Malone will be out Wednesday and Thursday. Please send students to the nurse’s office at your discretion.

  • Students may not leave campus once arriving unless they check out appropriately. If they leave without authorization, they will lose driving privileges at school.



  • Monday, February 2- County Tournament

    • 5th Grade Boys vs. Hillcrest at 5:45

    • 6th Grade Girls vs. Walnut Ridge at 6:30

    • 6th Grade Boys vs. Hoxie at 7:15

  • Tuesday, February 3- County Tournament

    • 5th Grade Girls vs. Hillcrest at 5:00

  • Thursday, February 5- County Tournament

    • Junior Girls vs. Hillcrest at 4:00

    • Junior Boys vs. Hillcrest at 5:15

    • Senior Boys vs. Hillcrest at 7:45

  • Friday- 5th and 6th Grade Finals

  • Saturday- 7th, Junior Teams, Senior Teams Finals


Upcoming Events

  • Weigh-Ins February 3 and February 13 (final day)

  • PTE Meeting February 16


Think About It

  • Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.