Brianne Janiece Allen
by Chasity Collins
On July 6, 1990, in Independence, Missouri, Brian Allen of Tallahassee, Florida and Kay Allen of Pocahontas, Arkansas, were blessed with a beautiful baby girl they named Brianne.  Her biggest influence in life is her mother because “She is so strong and keeps moving forward with her life.  She has taught me everything I know.  She is so amazing!”  Fried chicken, the color bright green, a hot pink Lamborghini, the song “Open Skies” by the David Crowder Band, the movie Just Friends, and the book To Kill A Mockingbird are some of Brianne`s favorites.  She considers all the Class of 2008 to be her friends.  She enjoys hanging out with friends and is enjoying her senior year.  She is a member of Student Council, GMAD, FTA, FBLA, and the Beta Club.  Brianne has enjoyed the memories she has made at Sloan-Hendrix.  Her favorite teacher is Ms. Lawrey because “She is awesome! She’s so smart and I learned so much in her class.”  Her favorite class is accounting with Mrs. Holland because “It teaches me about real life stuff.”  Her most significant achievement is “Just the fact that I’m going to graduate, that’s an awesome accomplishment.”  Sloan-Hendrix has taught Brianne that “Life passes by so fast, that I shouldn’t stress out, and just soak in life.”  Her advice to underclassmen is “Do not miss a lot of school, you miss learning important things and opportunities to make more memories.”  Brianne`s plans for the future are to attend Arkansas State University for a degree zoology, get married, and have kids with the man of her dreams.  

Trevor James Anderson
by Brian Cole
Trevor James Anderson, born at St. Bernards Hospital, in Jonesboro, November 16, 1989, is the son of Scott and Sonja Thielemier.  Trevor’s biggest influence is his mother.  “She taught me right from wrong.  She taught me to never change and accept people for who they are.”  Some of Trevor’s favorites are steak, pizza, and hot wings, the colors Carolina blue and blood red, and the 1988 I-Roc Z.  The song “Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series and Disturbia are also among his favorites.  Trevor likes to read the Harry Potter series and his favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.  His close friends are Drew Meyer, Charles Tincher, and Kristin Belcher.  Trevor is involved in mixed martial arts, basketball, and baseball and enjoys  watching the “UFC” on television and hanging out with his girlfriend.  Trevor’s favorite teachers are Mr. Lee, Ms. James, Coach T. and Mrs. Morgan, “Because they are hilarious”, and his favorite class is AP chemistry, because it challenges him.  Attending Sloan-Hendrix has taught Trevor “Not to slack off and to apply myself to get what I want in life.”  He is most proud of being Mr. SHES in elementary, being all-conference in 9th grade baseball, the Golden Glove in 11th grade at centerfield, and maintaining a 3.0 GPA throughout his years at Sloan-Hendrix.   Trevor will remember and miss all his friends. He realizes all of the responsibilities that he doesn’t have to deal with in the real would.  Trevor’s advice to under classmates is “Try your hardest in everything you do and apply yourself.”  Trevor plans to attend college.

Stanley Charles Archer
by Charles Tincher
Stanley Charles Archer, son of Randy and Misty Archer of Imboden, Arkansas, was born on October 27, 1989 in Pocahontas, Arkansas.  The greatest influence in Stan’s life is his dad because “I have respected and looked up to him my whole life.”  Some of Stan’s favorites are the colors blue, red, and green; chicken, pizza, and burgers; and the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.  His friends include everyone in the junior and senior class.  Some of his hobbies include drawing, going fishing, and playing basketball and baseball.  Stan is going to miss hanging out with friends everyday.  Ms. James is Stan’s favorite teacher.  Stan’s most significant achievements are becoming senior high boy’s basketball captain and obtaining all-conference his 9th and 11th grade seasons.      “School has taught me a lot, and not just math, science, and history but how to get along with other people and how to never give up.” said Stan.  His advice to underclassmen is “Listen and do what the teachers say and hang out with your friends as much as you can.” Stan’s plans for the future are still undecided but he has high expectations for himself.

Corey Blake Baldridge
by Charles Tincher
Corey Blake Baldridge, son of Donna Baldridge of Annieville and Noland Baldridge of Imboden, was born on January 1, 1990, at St. Bernards in Jonesboro.  The greatest influence in Corey’s life is his family.  He said “They are always there for me and they know what is best for me and they inspire me to have a great future.”  Some of Corey’s favorites are Mexican chicken, the color canary yellow, and the movie Grandma’s Boy.  Corey’s friends are Cody Broadway, Stan Archer, Rodger Dexter, and Logan Collins. Some of his hobbies include playing baseball, watching T.V., and spending time with   his friends and family.  “I will miss seeing all of my friends including Alex Dickerson, he gives the best high fives.” said Corey.  Mrs. Hill is Corey’s favorite teacher, because “She is funny and helps me out in literature.”  Corey’s most significant achievements are obtaining all-conference and all-region team in baseball.  Sloan-Hendrix has prepared Corey for the future by teaching him to be prepared and to be responsible, to have respect, and to be courteous.  His advice to underclassmen is “Do the best you can and always be at school.”  Corey’s plans for the future include attending college, majoring in physical education, and eventually becoming a coach.

Ashley Bratcher
by Malcolm Ashlock
Ashley Nicole Bratcher was born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, October 9, 1989.  She is the daughter of Ginger Bratcher of Imboden, and Keith Bratcher of Louisville, Kentucky.  Ashley’s biggest influences in life are her parents, “Because they've helped me with everything, they have put up with me, and I really appreciate them.”  Ashley’s favorites include the colors blue, green, and yellow.  Her other favorites are Christian rock music, the Bible, a green Chevrolet with big tires, Mexican food, and the movies Are We There Yet? and Norbit.  Her friends are Brittney Whitewood, Megan Break, Kristan Witt, and Sheena Swartzlander.  Her hobbies include playing the guitar, collecting John Deere items, attending church, hunting, and fishing.  Ashley says "I've enjoyed the atmosphere at Sloan-Hendrix because the teachers will take you in and help you as much as possible."  Ms. James and Mrs. McCormick are her favorite teachers.  Ashley is proud of several achievements including graduating in the top ten in elementary, placing second in the Lawrence County Spelling Bee in 8th grade, and earning Spanish I, II, and English medals.  Ashley’s advice for the underclassmen is "If you’re going to stand in the hall, move to the side."  After high school, Ashley plans to attend college.

Megan Louise Break
by Breanda Henry
Megan Louise Break was born on December 12, 1989, in Jonesboro, Arkansas to David and Katherine Break of Imboden.  Her biggest influence in life has been her parents because “They have always been there for me and pointed me in the right direction,” Megan says,  “They have always supported me and taken care of me, and I love them and appreciate them dearly.”  Her favorites include Italian food, the color blue, the ‘78 Trans Am, the song “Last Kiss” by Pearl Jam, the movie Dazed and Confused, and the book Nights in Rodanthe by Nickolas Sparks.  Kristan Witt, Amy Green, Ashley Bratcher, and Christie Caldwell are Megan’s best friends.  Her hobbies include basketball, hanging out with friends, and riding four wheelers.  She has enjoyed “Being a part of a great school,  but I will miss seeing my friends everyday.”  Playing basketball, and being a part of the Lady Hounds team is something Megan will also miss.  Her favorite teacher is Ms. James and her advanced art class is Megan’s favorite class because she can just relax and draw, expressing herself however she wants.  “Ms. James is always caring and helped me out when I needed it,” states Megan.  Megan is very proud of her basketball trophies and all her honors throughout the years, but especially being elected Homecoming Queen in her junior year.  “Don’t take life for granted.  Make the most out of it, but the best of it,” she advises underclassmen.   Megan plans to attend college, find a job, get married and have a family someday.

Lucrietia Kate Brown
by Royce Pace
Lucrietia Kate Brown was born on July 24, 1990 in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Her parent’s are Garry and Kathy Brown of Imboden, Arkansas.  Lucrietia’s biggest influence in life is her parents because “They have always taught me to treat others the way you want to be treated and to be thankful for what you have.”  Some of her favorites include lasagna, chocolate, and the colors red, yellow, and orange.  Other favorites are “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” by Poison, the movie “Black Sheep”, the 1971 Dodge Charger, and car magazines.  She considers the whole junior and senior class to be her good friends.  Some of her interests are cars, computers, and music.  Lucrietia has enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere, the teachers, Mr. Griffin’s classes and how everyone knows each other at SHHS.  She will also miss the baseball and basketball games at SHHS and all the fun the senior class had.  Her favorite teacher is Mr. Griffin because “His classes were so much fun and they didn’t even feel like a class.”  She will walk away from Sloan-Hendrix knowing that she enjoyed all the good times the class of 2008 spent together.  Lucrietia’s advice to the underclassmen is “Since school goes by so fast enjoy the time you have with all your friends while you can.”  She plans to attend college after graduation.

Christie Alley Caldwell
by Brian Cole
Christie Alley Caldwell was born on August 17, 1989, in Jonesboro and is the daughter of Sandra and Gary Caldwell.  Christie says her biggest influence is “My family, they’ve helped me through the good times and bad.  They’ve always taught me to learn from my mistakes, and to never regret them, because your mistakes help make you who you are.”  Christie’s favorite foods are Mexican and broccoli and cheese.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves trucks and listening to Nickleback and Taylor Swift.  Other favorites are the movies A Walk To Remember and The Notebook.  Her favorite book is Message In A Bottle by her favorite author Nicholas Sparks.  The senior girls basketball team are her friends, along with Drew, Trevor and Cody, but her best friend is Katherine Holder.  Christie enjoys playing basketball and softball, but enjoys shopping with her best friend more.  Christie’s favorite class is desktop publishing, taught by her favorite teacher, Mr. Griffin.  She says he is her favorite “Because of his comedic outbursts and amazing intelligence.”  She will miss playing basketball for Coach Grisham.  As Christie gets ready for graduation, her advice to underclassmen is “Never underestimate yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to.”  Her plans for the future are to attend nursing school and then become a physical therapist.

Brian Anthony Cole
by Breanda Henry
Brian Anthony Cole was born on March 7, 1990, in Pugent Sound, Washington to Maggie Nolan and Richard Cole.  His mother is his greatest influence.  He says “Because of her self-sacrifice, persistence, and love, I am what I am today.”  Brian’s favorites include baby back ribs, the color white, the 350Z Nissan, the song “We Will Rise” by Arch Enemy, and the movie 300.  Marva Williams, Breanda Henry, Nikki Steveson, Liz Morgan, Tom Steveson, Cory Fitzgerald, and Danny Turner are his close friends.  His interests include listening to heavy metal and death metal music.  Having so many friends at school and knowing everyone is what Brian will miss most.  His favorite teacher is Mr. Griffin, “Because of all the things he taught me about computers and self respect.”  He is most proud of the respect he has earned from others.  Brian is grateful for the mental strength that Sloan-Hendrix was helped him develop.  He plans to attend college to become a commercial airline pilot.

Gary Wayne Collins II
by Christie Caldwell
Gary Wayne Collins II was born on December 26, 1989.  He is the son of Gary Collins of Imboden and Sandra Jones of Ravenden Springs.  Gary’s biggest influence in life is his father “Because he has always been there for me.”  Gary likes to eat beaver and deer, and his favorite color is orange.  His closest friends are Colton Witt and Charles Tincher.  In his spare time, Gary enjoys working on mechanical things and playing baseball.  He will miss the ag shop when he graduates.  Mr.Wallis is Gary’s favorite teacher and his favorite class is small gas engines because he likes working on motors.  His advice to underclassmen is to pay attention to everything.  After high school, Gary plans to become a professional car painter.

Logan Kade Collins
by Chasity Collins
On August 17, 1989, Larry and Vicki Collins of Pocahontas became the parents of Logan Kade Collins.  Logan claims the biggest influence in his life are his parents because “They have done so much for me, they help me out with anything I ask them to.  They have taught me so much and I couldn’t repay them with enough thanks.”  Some of Logan`s favorites include beans and cornbread, the color blue, Crietia`s Dodge Charger, the song “Moving Up” by Crossfade, the movies The Pursuit of Happiness and Love & Basketball, and the book  Bleachers.  Some of Logan`s friends include Cody, Royce, Traycie, Chels, Katelyn, Stanley, Chasity, and Hunter.  Logan will miss hanging out with his friends when he graduates and listening to Alex Dickerson tell funny jokes and stories.  Logan`s favorite teacher is Mrs. Kristin Mathews because “She is very nice and helpful.”  History is his favorite class because “I like to learn about how the world was before I was born.”  Logan`s most significant achievements are receiving All-Conference in basketball and scoring proficient on his English exam.  Sloan-Hendrix has prepared Logan for the future by “Showing me how to handle many situations, and by opening my eyes to my surroundings.”  The most important thing Logan will take with him from SHHS is “All the knowledge the teachers have had to beat into my head.”  Logan`s advice to underclassmen is “DO YOUR HOMEWORK! and respect your fellow classmates.”  Logan`s plans for the future are to attend college, get married, and have kids.   

Courtney Lynn Comadoll
by Brian Cole
Courtney Lynn Comadoll, daughter of Richard and Kristi Comadoll, was born June 22, 1990, in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Courtney’s biggest influence in life is God.  She says, “Without him, my life would be totally different.”  Courtney has many favorites such as mac and cheese, the color orange, and the classic 1967 Chevy Camber.  She is a fan of Kid Rock and her favorite song is “Only God Knows Why.”  Courtney has close friends from the junior and senior classes.  She enjoys hanging out with her friends, riding around, playing softball, going to church, and spending time with her sister, Nicole.  Courtney’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Hill because “She is real cute and a good teacher.”  Sloan-Hendrix has prepared Courtney for the future by “Teaching me if you work, hard it pays off.”  The ever approaching gradation date is bittersweet as she will miss hanging out with her friends and cheering at basketball games.  Courtney’s advice to underclassmen is “Makes the most of your time in high school because it only comes around once.”  Courtney’s plans for the future are to attend college at Black River Technical College and become a maternity nurse.

Courtney Davis
by Lucrietia Brown
On June 7, 1990, at Randolph Medical Center in Pocahontas, Arkansas, Courtney LeAnn Davis was born to Melanie McLeod and Lee Davis, both of Imboden, Arkansas.  “My biggest influence in life is my mom because she is always there when I need her, helping me in any way that she can,” says Courtney.  Some of Courtney’s favorites include pizza, the color purple, the Ford Mustang, the song “I Wonder” by Kellie Pickler, and the movie The Notebook.  Kayla Brown and Lenora and Kendra Isreal are Courtney’s closest friends.  Hanging out with friends on the weekends, talking on the phone, and gravel roading are a few of her hobbies.  But Courtney says that her main interest right now is just getting through school.  Courtney says that she will miss being able to spend time with her friends every day after graduation.  Ms. James is Courtney’s favorite teacher, and art is her favorite class because “Ms. James lets us do all kinds of cool art projects and lets us listen to music.”  Courtney believes that all of the teachers at SHHS have prepared her for college.  “Work your hardest to achieve your goals in life,” is her advice to underclassmen.  Courtney’s plans for the future after graduation are attending college for a degree in physical therapy, set up a practice, marry, to someday start a family, and most importantly, to live a happy life.

Heather Marie Day
by Nikki Steveson
Heather Marie Day was born on December 15, 1989 to Mike and Raylene Day.  Her favorites include Chinese food, the color lime green, and the movie The Hole.  Her friends include Guzman, Marva, and Kayla.  She enjoys hanging out with her friends and she'll miss “The funny teachers and being able to come and see everyone with a smile on their face.”  Her favorite class is Ms. James' art class.

Emily Ann Gipson
by Amanda Green
Emily Ann Gipson was born on September 11, 1990, in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Emily is the daughter of Pamela and Allan Sharp of Imboden and Eddie and Jennifer Gipson of Pocahontas.  The biggest influence in Emily’s life is her parents.  She says “They work hard for what they have and they help me out when they can.  No matter what, they’ll always support my decisions.”  Some of Emily’s favorites include Mexican food and driving her ’97 Toyota Camry.  She enjoys the movie Black Sheep and the book The Scarlet Letter.  Emily considers the entire senior class to be her close friends.  Her hobbies and interests include hanging out with her friends, being President of Drama Club and being involved in other school clubs.  She is “Interested in anything interesting.”  Emily will miss her teachers and hanging out with all her friends on break after graduation.  She will also miss “the school lunches and all the homework Mrs. Hill piles on us.”  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Hill and her favorite class is AP English.  Emily says, “Even though Mrs. Hill gives us way too much work, I’ve learned a lot in her class.”  She is proud that she has kept a high GPA and good grades throughout high school.  Emily feels Sloan-Hendrix has prepared her for the real world in her time here, and her classes at SHHS have prepared her for college.  Emily would like underclassmen to know “It goes by so fast, so enjoy every minute of it.”  She plans to attend college after graduation.

Amanda Lynn Green
by Brian Cole
Amanda Lynn Green, born January 5, 1990, is the daughter of Tammy and Johnny Green of Ravenden, Arkansas.  In the years leading up to her graduation, her biggest influence has been her family.  “They have taught me to put God first in everything and given me the freedom to make my own decisions in life.”  Amanda’s favorite food is anything made by her grandma.   Other favorites of Amanda’s are the song “My Redeemer” and the novel The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.  Amanda has many friends.  She in fact calls all of the seniors her friends and has a special place in her heart for Travis Adams and her little sister, Amy Green.  She enjoys being involved in her local church, The First Assembly of God.  Her hobbies include playing basketball and most of all spending time with her friends.  Attending Sloan-Hendrix High School has taught her many things, but she feels she has learned the most from her favorite teachers Mr. Sloan and Mrs. Hill.  She enjoys desktop publishing class, “Because it is so fun!”  She is most proud that she has maintained a good GPA, being a HOBY Scholar, being named Who’s Who Among American High School Students, and being in the Lawrence County Ralph Joseph Youth Program.  When she graduates, Amanda will miss the close knit atmosphere and the sports.  Sloan-Hendrix has prepared Amanda for the future by “Teaching me if I want to achieve something I have to work for it.”  Her advice to the underclassmen is “Have fun, but take high school seriously.  It affects the rest of your life.”  Amanda’s plans for the future are to attend college, find a job, marry, and start a family.

Breanda Eva-Marie Henry

by Stanley Archer

Breanda Eva-Marie Henry is the daughter of Brenda Faith Henry of Ravenden, Arkansas and Clifford James Henry of Harrison, Arkansas.  Breanda was born on January 3, 1990, in Chicago, Illinois at Mercy Hospital.  Her biggest influence in life is Church because “It set all my standards and morals as to how to live and interact with people.”  Some of Breanda’s favorites include filet mignon, macaroni, the color cerulean blue, Jeeps, “Last Song” by Gackt and, the four Tremors movies.  Her favorites also include Sherlock Holmes books and the author Conan Doyle.  Breanda’s friends include Nikki Steveson, Elizabeth Morgan, and Amanda Patterson.  Breanda’s hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, Mang1 (Japanese comics), and foreign languages.  When she graduates, Breanda will miss all the teachers that are her friends.  Breanda says “I like all my teachers and most of my classes, but I guess multimedia was the most fun because of all the cool stuff we got to do and make.”  She is most proud of her perfect attendance and P.E. award.  Sloan-Hendrix has prepared her by “Setting the base for my academic future and helping me prepare for college classes.”  Breanda’s advice to the underclassmen is “Do your work in school so you can enjoy your free time.”  Breanda’s plans for the future are to attend Crowley’s Ridge College with a Bible major, become a novelist, and maybe go into graphic design.

Kandice Marie Henson
by Amanda Green
Kandice Marie Henson was born to Sherry and Clarence Henson of Ravenden on January 18, 1990, in Jefferson City, Missouri.  Kandice feels that the biggest influence in her life is “My relationship with God, because He has changed the way I live and my attitude toward life.”  Some of Kandice’s favorites include macaroni and cheese with ketchup, the colors pink and blue, and the Chevy SSR.  She also likes the song “Baby Likes To Rock It” and the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  J.K. Rowling is her favorite author and she enjoys reading the Harry Potter series.  Kandice’s friends are Kayla Griffin, Jayde Brady, and the entire senior class.  Her hobbies include softball, soccer, football, and basketball.  She also enjoys hanging out with friends and being involved in FTA and HOSA.  Upon leaving SHHS, Kandice will miss being able to see and spend time with her friends and going to softball and basketball games.  Her favorite teachers are Mrs. Morgan, Ms. James, and Coach T.  The classes she enjoys the most are art and chemistry “because they are so much fun.”  Kandice is proud of being able to keep her grades up and being able to graduate in May.  Sloan-Hendrix has prepared Kandice by “Teaching me that you can’t always put yourself first, and sometimes you have to let others speak before you.  The result of not going by these rules will make you ‘Lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut,’ in the words of Coach T.”  Her advice to underclassman is “Keep your grades up, don’t talk too much, turn in your work on time, and you’ll make your teachers happy.”  Kandice plans to attend college to become a physical therapist after graduation.

Guzman Jose Herrera
by Alex Girard
Guzman Jose Herrera was born January 30, 1989, in Houston, Texas to Tina and Billy Rose.  Guzman’s biggest influence in life is “My Grams.  She was the one who told me I could do anything.”  Some of Guzman’s favorites include Cracker Barrel, the color orange, Dodge Vipers, “Yakety Yak”, The Notebook, Cat in the Hat, and Dr. Seuss.  His friends include Mrs. Holland and the whole senior class.  Baseball is Guzman’s hobby.  Guzman will miss the teachers and his classmates when he graduates.  His favorite teacher is Mrs. Holland “Because she made me laugh.”  P.E. is Guzman’s favorite class because he enjoys staying active.  “My most significant achievement is making it through high school,” says Guzman.  His advice to his underclassmen is just simply “Stay in school.”  After high school, Guzman plans to start a life on his own.

Lenora Helen Isreal
by Megan Break
Lenora Helen Isreal was born on April 20, 1990, in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Her parents are Danny and Linda Isreal of Ravenden.  Lenora says her biggest influence in life is “My parents because they always gave me everything I needed even if it meant going without.”  Some of her hobbies include bowling, going to the movies, hanging out with friends and family, and working.  A few of Lenora’s favorites are chicken strips with ranch dressing, Hot Pockets, Chinese food and the movies Varsity Blues, Scar Face, and A Walk to Remember.  Her favorite songs are Livin’ Our Love Song, Better Than Me, and any song by Nickelback.   Her friends are Morgan, Vanessa, Courtney, Kristan, Amanda, Corey, and Heather.    Lenora’s favorite teacher is Mrs. Hill because “I can talk to her and I know she will be there for me.”  Lenora says that “One thing the teachers at Sloan-Hendrix have taught me is to be responsible and take responsibility for my actions.”  She also says “I will miss my friends, all of Coach T.’s crazy sayings, Mr. Lee’s laugh, and hanging out in Mrs. Hill’s, helping her clean her room.”   Lenora is proud of “Not ever getting in any major trouble.”  Her advice to underclassmen is “Work hard but have fun.”  After graduating, Lenora plans to attend college and become a speech therapist.   

Colton Andrew Johnston
by Megan Break
Colton Andrew Johnston was born on September 20, 1989, in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  His parents are Carol and Jonas Alvares of Imboden, Arkansas, and Jeff Johnston of Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Colton’s biggest influence in life is “My mom, because she always stayed with me, and made me do my homework.”  One of Colton’s hobbies is paint ball.  Some of his favorites includes hamburgers, the color red, a ‘68 Corvette, the song Couchette Jungle by Black Label Society, and the movie Independence Day.  Colton’s friends are Makayla Doyle, Sara Webb, Heather McBroom, and Alex Girard.   Colton believes Sloan-Hendrix has given him a good foundation in math.  His advice to underclassmen is “Do your homework.”  After graduating, Colton plans to go to work. 

Joshua Armond Kelson
by Christie Caldwell
Juanita Kelson of Imboden and Edward Kelson Sr. of New Orleans became the proud parents of Joshua Armond Kelson on October 31, 1989, in New Orleans, Louisiana.  His grandfather has been a big influence in Josh’s life.  His favorite things include gumbo, the color metallic black, and all Chevy’s.  Josh likes the movies Caught Up, O’ Brother Where Art Thou, and New Orleans Exposed.  His friends are Cody S., Corey, Drew, Trevor, and Royce.  He will miss the people at Sloan-Hendrix when he graduates.  Josh is interested in learning new things.  His favorite teachers are Mr. Lee and Coach T. because he says “They are knee slappers.”  Josh also says that “Sloan-Hendrix has offered him a safer environment for education.”  His biggest accomplishment in life was making it to the age of eighteen.  In the future, Josh plans to be a pharmacist. 

Lyndon Kyle Lawrence
by Alex Girard
Lyndon Kyle Lawrence was born January 18, 1989, in Jonesboro, Arkansas to Lynn and Henrietta Lawrence of Ravenden, Arkansas.  Lyndon’s biggest influences in life are his family and friends because “They help keep me on track.  They are the really special people in my life.”  Some of Lyndon’s favorites include deer jerky, the color blue, hunting camo, a Lamborghini, and the song “Copperhead Road” by Steve Earl.  Lyndon’s closest friends include Roxie Lawson, Jamy Wagner, Jonathan Phillips, and Christopher MacHost.  His hobbies are hunting and fishing and he is interested in wildlife in general.  He will miss his friends and teachers when he graduates.  His favorite teachers are Mr. Lee and Mr. Wallis.  Lyndon’s most significant achievement is “To graduate and also to have spent my high school years with such good friends.”  He also says that the most important thing that he’ll take with him from Sloan-Hendrix is “The quality of the education I received.”  He goes on to say that SHHS also taught him how to deal with life in a better way.  Lyndon’s advice to underclassmen is “Do your homework, study hard, and get a level head on your shoulders.  Stay in school.”  His plans for the future are to attend college and become a game warden someday.

Christopher Machost
by Malcolm Ashlock
Christopher Jacob Machost was born on August 8, 1989, in Jackson, Mississippi to Karen Machost and the late Denver Freeman, both of Mississippi.  His two biggest influences in his life are his mother and his grandmother. Christopher says "They have always been there when I needed them."  Christopher’s favorites include the color black, the movie Live Free or Die Hard, pizza, and the song “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” by Toby Keith.  Christopher’s friends are Lyndon Lawrence, Jeremy Bayles, and Josh Kelson.  He says "I enjoyed all of my teachers while at SHHS; they have treated me as an equal and as a friend."  Christopher’s hobbies and interests are hunting, fencing, and collecting swords and knives.  Christopher will miss getting to go to a school so full of great people.  This school has taught him a lot of important things, but the most important thing is the value of good friends.  His words of advice to underclassmen are “Listen to your teachers, treat them with respect and they will treat you with respect.”  He plans to attend college after high school.

Andrew Wade Meyer
by Samantha Wicker
On December 5, 1989, in Joplin, Missouri, Andrew “Drew” Wade Meyer is the son of Romona and Travis Mandera of Ravenden, Arkansas, and Russell Meyer of Jasper, Missouri.  Drew’s biggest influence in life is his grandfather because, “He has always been there for me and he understands my decisions in life.”  Some of his favorite things include crispy chicken sandwiches, the color green, and a ’67 Shelby Mustang GT 500.  The songs “First Time” by Life House and “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman, the movies Super Bad and Old School, the books A Walk to Remember and Nights at Roadanth, and the author Nicolas Sparks are also among his favorites.  Drew says “Everybody is a friend, but my closest friends are Trevor Anderson, Cody Broadway and Christie Caldwell.”  His hobbies are playing baseball and hanging out with friends.  Drew will miss being with his friends and family everyday when he leaves SHHS.  Mr. Sloan is his favorite teacher because “Everyday is something funny and new.”  Drew is very proud of winning all-conference honors as a junior in baseball.  “Sloan Hendrix has prepared me to do my best and always give everything I have towards education,” states Drew.  His advice to underclassmen is to “Always shower, wear deodorant, and don’t carry on conversations at the lockers, you just block the halls.  Do your chatting at break and lunch.”  Drew’s plans for the future are to pursue a teaching degree in physical education and coaching.

Elizabeth Anne Morgan
by Samantha Wicker
Elizabeth Anne Morgan was born on April 21, 1990.  She is the daughter of Rick and Anita Orrick of Ravenden, Arkansas.  Elizabeth’s biggest influences in her life are her parents because, “They have always been there for me.”  Her favorites include Chinese food, the color blue, a ’07 Shelby Mustang, the song “Differences” by Genuine, the movie The Hills Have Eyes, and the book It by Stephen King.  She considers her closest friends to be James Anderson, Bre Henry, Nikki Steveson, Amanda Patterson, and Brian Cole.  One of her favorite hobbies is playing softball.  Elizabeth’s advice to underclassmen is “Don’t act stupid and just stand around in the hallways.  Get your books and go to class.”  Some of her achievements are donating to the Locks of Love and donating blood.  Elizabeth plans to attend college after graduation to obtain a degree in psychology.

Katelyn Morris
by Autumn Wilson
On October 22, 1990, in Jonesboro, Wendell and Lavenia Morris of Ravenden were blessed with a baby girl, Katelyn Rose Morris.  Her parents have been the biggest influence in her life because, “They have stuck by me through good times and bad times.  They have always supported me and set good examples of how I should live,” says Katelyn.  Some of her favorites include Mexican food, the color baby blue, the movie Love and Basketball, and the book Their Eyes Were Watching God.  Katelyn’s friends include the entire senior class.  Some of her closest friends are Amanda Green, Heather Bratcher, and her younger sister Kara.  She enjoys playing basketball, riding four-wheelers, shopping, being with her friends, and having a good time.  Katelyn will miss her friends and basketball the most when she graduates.  Her favorite teacher is Mr. Sloan because “He wants everyone to do well, and he takes the extra time to make sure we do.”  Katelyn is proud of being an active student council member, keeping her grades up, and her basketball achievements.  Sloan-Hendrix has taught her to be prepared and what to expect in the future.  Her advice to underclassmen is “Have as much fun as you can, and try to enjoy every minute of school that you can, no matter how hard it gets.”  Katelyn plans to attend Black River Technical College to get her basics, then transfer to University of Central Arkansas to go into physical therapy.  After that, she plans to settle down, marry, and start a family.

Royce Pace
by Roxie Lawson 
Royce Gene Pace was born on October 8, 1989, in Berlin, Germany to Alva Harston of Imboden and Roy Pace of Willow Springs, Missouri.  Royce says that his parents are his biggest influence because, “They grew up in rough times with their families and became successful.”  Some of Royce’s favorites include Ramen Noodles, the color sky blue, the song “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park, the movie 300, the Harry Potter book series, football and basketball, and the 300 C Chrysler car. He considers everyone in the class of 2008 to be his friend and half the class of 2009.  Basketball and playing video games are some of Royce’s favorite hobbies.  Royce believes “SHHS is unique because of how close everyone is, no matter what their interests are, and I will miss that greatly.”  His favorite teacher and class is Mr. Sloan’s transition to college math because “I know that I will always be able to learn something and ask him questions.”  Royce is most proud of how many friends he has made while attending Sloan-Hendrix and he wouldn’t trade them for the world.  His advice to underclassmen is “Do your best now because it will help prepare you for the future and just enjoy being alive.”  He plans to find a career that he will love and in which he will excel.

Amanda Kay Patterson
by Ryan Difani
Amanda Kay Patterson, the daughter of James and Sandra Patterson of Ravenden Springs, was born on October, 18, 1989 in Pocahontas, Arkansas.  Amanda’s biggest influence is her mom, because “She’s always been there for me and I know I could talk to her about anything.  Plus, we can’t keep secrets from each other, ‘cause we always know what the other is thinking.”  Her favorites include a car that goes fast, and the books Twilight by Stephanie Myer, Starlight Crystal by Christopher Pike, and Shadows Fall by Simon R. Green.  Her favorite movies are V, Under The Tuscan Sun, Aladdin, and Underworld.  Other favorites include the songs “S.O.S.” by Good Charlotte and “Breath” by Flyleaf, and the bands The Cardigans, Linkin Park, and Blink 182.  Amanda’s friends include Tonya Catron, Kristan Witt, Nikki Steveson, Bre Henry, and Liz Morgan.  Her hobbies include reading, writing, and playing on the computer.  Her interests include science and animals and she is involved in the Writers’ Club and The Anthology.  Amanda has enjoyed all the teachers and everything that she’s learned at SHHS.  Her favorite teachers are Ms. James and Mr. Griffin because “They really helped me expand my imagination and put my creativity to good use.”  Amanda is most proud of helping start The Anthology and the Writers’ Club.  The most important thing she has learned from SHHS is that “There’s always a place for someone to use their creativity.  And that having an overactive imagination isn’t always a bad thing.”  Her advice to underclassmen is, “Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, even if you stand out and stand alone.”  Amanda plans to attend Louisiana State University and obtain a biology degree and then become a zoologist.  Eventually she would like to receive a government grant to study tigers in their natural habitat.

William Cody Simpson
by Royce Pace
William Cody Simpson was born on July 13, 1990, in St. Louis, Missouri.  He is the son of Ronald Simpson and Carla Schaechtel of Pocahontas.  Cody’s biggest influence in life is “My dad, because he has always taught me right from wrong and supported our family.”  Some of Cody’s favorites include Chinese and Mexican food, the color blue, the Saleen S7, and the song “You Make Me Better” by Fabulous and Ne-Yo.  Some of his best friends include Josh Kelson, Drew Meyer, and Phillip Dunn.  Cody has many hobbies like baseball, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.  He will miss goofing off and having fun with the ball team at Sloan-Hendrix.  Cody’s favorite teacher is Ms. James because “She is always willing to help her students in need.”  His advice to underclassmen is “Always get done what you need to get done.”  Cody’s plans for the future are to graduate college, find a job, marry, and start a family.

Amber Nicole Steveson
by Andrew Martin
Amber Nicole “Nikki” Steveson was born on June 7, 1990, in Gulf Port, Mississippi.  Nikki is the daughter of Steve and Twyana Steveson.  Nikki’s biggest influence in life is her best friend Breanda because “She keeps me from doing things that I would regret later.”  Some of Nikki’s favorite things include caramel, the colors black and red, the song “Old Red”, and the author Anne McCaffery.  Nikki’s hobbies include playing on the computer and writing stories and poems.  Nikki is going to miss the faculty members when she leaves SHHS, because she has grown to consider many of them to be close friends.  Her favorite teacher is Ms. James because “She is always there when I need her.”  Some of Nikki’s achievements are that she helped establish and operate the Writer’s Club, and helped publish The Anthology.  Nikki has learned from SHHS “How to deal with people, and when all else fails, the best places to hide.”  Nikki’s advice to underclassmen is “When people tell you not to do something they usually have a reason, and if you don’t understand the reason, ask.”  Nikki’s plans for the future include attending college.

John Hollis Thomison
by Megan Break
John Hollis Thomison was born on December 23, 1989, in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  His parents are John and Rita Thomison of Smithville, Arkansas.  John has been an active member of the Sloan-Hendrix Livestock Show Team and FFA.  He is currently serving as president of the FFA.  He is also a member of FTA, GMAD, and STAR.  John has been active in the student council as well.  In his spare time, John enjoys duck hunting, fishing, basketball, and riding horses.  Mexican chicken, the color tangerine orange, and the movie 300 are a few of John’s favorites.  His friends are Royce Pace, Stan Archer, and Trevor Anderson.  John will miss playing basketball and hanging out with his friends at Sloan-Hendrix.  His advice to underclassmen is “Enjoy school while you can.”  After graduating, John plans to attend Black River Technical College to earn his welder’s certification. 

Charles Edward Tincher
by Stanley Archer
Charles Edward Tincher is the son of Ed and Judy Tincher of Imboden.  He was born on September 20, 1989, in Munster, Indiana.  His biggest influence in life is his grandfather because “He taught me everything I know.”  Some of Charles’ favorites are any type of food that is edible and the color green.  His favorites also include a 1993 Chevy Silverado.  Charles’ friends include Royce Pace, Stanley Archer, Colton Witt and his best friend, Trevor Anderson.  Some of his hobbies include baseball, hanging out with friends, and playing the video game “Madden ‘08” with the guys.  One of the things that Charles will miss about SHHS is seeing his friends.  Charles’ favorite teacher is Mrs. McCormic because he likes to learn about the medical professions.  Sloan-Hendrix has helped Charles prepare for the future by offering the medical classes because that is the field in which he wants to work.  Charles’ advice to the underclassmen is “Do your wok and don’t procrastinate.”  Charles’ plans for the future are to graduate and become a fire fighter/paramedic.

Samantha Wicker
by Roxie Lawson
Samantha Carol Wicker was born in Pocahontas, Arkansas, on November 9, 1989, to John and Leah Wicker of Imboden.  Samantha’s favorites include Mexican food, the color purple, the song “Hicktown” by Jason Aldean, the 2001 Chevy Dually, and the Bible.  Samantha considers everyone a friend, but her closest friends are Megan Break, Ashley Bratcher, Katie Williams, Catie Wilson, Jessie Poteet, and Ashton Raney.  Samantha enjoys riding horses, playing softball, going to rodeos, and hanging out with friends.  The one thing Samantha will miss at Sloan-Hendrix is seeing her friends everyday.  Samantha’s favorite teacher is Mr. Wallis because “I lean about things I love to do.”  Samantha is most proud of being Rookie of the Year in softball in 9th grade and donating blood to the Red Cross.  Samantha’s advice to underclassmen is “You may think school is hard, but don’t give up.  It goes by quickly.”  Her plans for the future are to attend college and marry the guy of her dreams. 

Marva Williams
by Autumn Wilson
Marva Lynette Williams was born on July 16, 1990, in Dalton, Alabama.  Marva’s parents are Lory and Hulan Williams of Williford.  Marva’s biggest influence in life is Jesus because “He’s there when no one else is there, and he gives me hope and strength.”  Some of Marva’s favorites include Chinese food, the color blue and a 1993 blue Camaro.  Marva’s other favorites are the song “Only Hope”, the movies A Walk To Remember and Transformers, the books Arkansas and Forever Christmas, and the authors Christine Lynxwiler and J. K. Rowling.  Some of Marva’s friends are Heather Day, Heather Geurin, Guzman Herrera, Brian Cole, Liz Morgan, and Kandice Henson.  Marva’s hobbies are singing in band class and just having fun with her friends.  Upon graduating she will miss the people and staff the most at SHHS.  Her favorite teacher is Coach T. because “He is awesome.”  Her favorite class is band because it is her passion.  Some of Marva’s significant achievements are receiving the citizenship award and the band award.  Marva says “Sloan-Hendrix has challenged me academically to do the best that I can and has taught me not to be afraid to speak up.”  Her advice to underclassmen is “Try your very best, and don’t ever give up.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, and always believe in yourself.”  Marva plans to attend college after graduating.

Katie Frances Williams
by Nikki Steveson
Katie Frances Williams, daughter of Melinda and Warren Williams of Imboden, was born September 25, 1990.  The greatest influence in her life is her family.  She says “They support me, make me smile even when I don’t want to, and put up with me.”  Katie’s favorites include cheesecake, the colors green and purple, and the song “This Ain’t A Love Song” by Bon Jovi.  She says “I have too many friends to narrow it down to just a few!”  Katie is involved in a church youth group, cattle showing, basketball, FFA, Student Council, Drama Club, and Youth Alive.  She will miss her friends and teachers upon graduation.  Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Morgan because “She gets me and always makes class fun no matter what we’re doing.”  Her plans for the future are to attend college and to see where the world takes her from there.

Autumn Wilson
by Megan Break
Autumn Lee-Ann Wilson was born on March 25, 1990, in Pocahontas, Arkansas.  Her parents are Kevan and Anita Wilson of Imboden, Arkansas.  Autumn’s greatest influence in life is “My Grandma Cathy, because she taught me that even in the worst situations you can always find something good.”  Some of Autumn’s hobbies include listening to music, riding around with friends, singing, going to the lake, playing fast pitch softball, and meeting new people.  Autumn is most proud of being Student Council President, G-MAD President, HOSA Secretary, Drama Club Vice President, and being an active FBLA member.  Some of Autumn’s favorites include Chinese food, the colors blue and orange, and a ‘67 Shelby Mustang.  Other favorites are the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, the movie Pretty Woman, the Bible and the Harry Potter Series, and the T.V. shows American Idol, House, and Hannah Montana.  Her friends are Alicyn Huddleston, Hunter Smith, Chelsea Broadway, Lance Powell, Johnnie Snyder, Sean Thatch and the entire senior class.  Her best friend is her Aunt Kandy.  Autumn’s favorite teacher is Mr. Griffin because she says she has learned the most from him.  Her favorite class is multimedia because she loves working with computers.  Autumn says that one of the most important things she has learned while at Sloan-Hendrix is that “In the world there are many different types of people and you should try your best to get along with everyone even if they are different.”  She also says that “I will miss being around people who I know and who know me everyday.”  Her advice to underclassmen is “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” In the future Autumn plans to attend college and become a registered nurse practitioner and eventually get married and start a family. 

Kristan Witt
by Phillip Dunn
Kristan Mae Witt became the daughter of Julia and Jeffrey Witt of Imboden, Arkansas, on March 20, 1990.  She enjoys writing, drawing, and reading.  Some of her friends include Megan Break, Amanda Patterson, Ashley Bratcher, and Lenora Israel.  Kristen’s favorite food is Mexican chicken, and her favorite colors are pink and lime green.  Her favorite cars are Camaros, and her favorite authors are Nicholas Sparks and Greg Iiles.  Kristan says that her biggest influence in her life has been meeting Mrs. Vaniessia Jones. “She showed me that I have to live life to the fullest and love every minute of it and that I could achieve any goal I set as long as I try.”  Kristen’s favorite teacher is Ms. James because “She always knows when I need help and is always ready to offer it.”  Her favorite class is English since she loves to read and write.  Kristen is most proud of having her writings published in The Anthology.  She says that the most important thing she has gained while at Sloan-Hendrix is to apply what she has learned in everyday life.  Kristen’s advice to all underclassmen is not to take anything for granted and live life to the fullest.  She plans to attend college, become a therapist for teenagers, get married, and have kids.

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