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Gifted and Talented Program of Sloan-Hendrix Schools

The philosophy of the Sloan-Hendrix Schools recognizes the responsibility of the institute to provide the most appropriate educational experience to each of its students. For those students identified as having gifts and talents beyond what can be stimulated fully in a general classroom setting, fulfilling this responsibility requires the development of differentiated programs specifically designed to address these educational needs. The Sloan-Hendrix Academy works to help students explore and develop their abilities.

On the High school level the gifted and talented program is less structured than on the elementary. Student participation in the program is voluntary. The right to participate is earned, not bestowed. The program challenges students to progress in a capacity for self-initiated, self-directed learning; a depth of investigation; a breadth of knowledge; and development in creative abilities.

A major goal of the program is to allow students to determine the content and direction of their learning. The aim is not to teach but to facilitate learning. Under optimum conditions, the students determine the specific programming. The program also works to encourage students to take advantage of extracurricular programs, such as the Arkansas Quiz Bowl and Project WET, and educational environments outside the school setting, such as Arkansas Enrichment for the Gifted in Summer programs, the Arkansas School for Math and Science, and the Arkansas Governor's School. The program is considered most successful when the students accomplish goals that they have set for themselves rather than those chosen for them by others.


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