Sloan-Hendrix Cross Country - Fall 2011

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Josh Park Memorial-Heber Springs
Tuesday, September 13

Out of about 700 kids running, we had a athlete get a least one medal in each race.  Top 15 in the 4A-1A division got a medal and the Top Ten got a T-shirt that has Top Ten on it along with a medal.

Team Runner Place
Jr. Girls Jessie Powell 9th
Jr. Boys Nathan DeShazo 15th
Sr. Girls Eunita Ames 9th
Robin Buckwalter 15th
Sr. Boys Zach Brown 10th
Complete Results from Heber Springs




Greers Ferry Invitational
Tuesday, September

Another good day on the course, with four top ten finishers! 
Several personal records were set!

Team Runner Place
Jr. Girls Jessie Powell 7th
Jr. Boys Nathan DeShazo 8th
Zach Anderson 9th
Sr. Boys Zach Brown 10th
Individual Results
Team Results


Sloan-Hendrix Invitational
at Old Davidsonville

Tuesday, September

The Greyhounds captured one medal at the Old Davidsonville Meet.  This is the second year that Sloan-Hendrix has hosted this event.

Team Runner Place
Jr. Girls Jessie Powell 8th
Individual Results
Team Results
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Salem Invitational
Tuesday, October 4

Six Greyhounds earned medals! Top 15 got a medal.
Jr. Boys team finished 2nd overall as a team, in front of much larger schools!
Great Job, Hounds!

Team Runner Place
Sr. Boys Austin Clark 15th
Sr. Girls Robin Buckwalter 7th
Eunita Ames 12th
Jr. Boys Zach Anderson 10th

Zach Taylor

2nd Overall as a Team a
Jr. Girls Jessie Powell 5th

Mountain Home Invitational
Tuesday, October 11

We had a great day at Mountain Home. Several athletes ran their best time of the year on a tough course. Top 20 got a medal/ribbon. The Jr. Boys finished 3rd.

Team Runner


Sr. Boys

Austin Clark

ran under 21 minutes for 3rd straight race

Tyler Lepard

Personal Best Time
Sr. Girls

Eunita Ames


Robin Buckwalter

Meghan Griffin 33rd Personal Best Time
Jr. Boys

Zach Anderson

8th Personal Best Time
Nathan DeShazo 14th

Zach Taylor

18th Personal Best Time
Josh Winkley 24th Personal Best Time
Dylan Smith 28th Personal Best Time
Logan McCain 32nd Personal Best Time

Payton Oliver

36th Personal Best Time

Austin Weston

86th Personal Best Time
Jr. Girls

Jessie Powell

Brittany Caton Personal Best Time

Complete Results from Mountain Home

Chile Pepper Racing Festival - Fayetteville
October 15

14 athletes went to Fayetteville for the Chile Pepper Racing Festival and turned in the best times of the year! The 8 Sr. High either ran their best time of the year or matched it. All of the Jr. High ran the 5K for the first time and turned in good times for their first 5K of the year. The season is coming to a close and we are still getting better!

Team Runner


Sr. Boys - 500 total runners Austin Clark 19:48 Personal Best 203rd
Keith Saylors 22:51 Personal Best 410th
Tyler Lepard 24:59 Personal Best 456th

Chris Taylor

26:45 Personal Best 484th

Christian Capps

26:56 Personal Best 485th
Sr. Girls - 284 total runners Eunita Ames 22:44 Personal Best 51st
Robin Buckwalter 25:27 Personal Best 155th

Meghan Griffin

27:03 Personal Best 199th
Jr. Boys -
528 total runners
Zach Anderson 21:33 206th

Jeremiah Frazier

23:51 348th
Logan McCain 23:51 349th
Jr. Girls -410 total runners

Jessie Powell

24:45 147th

Caitlin Waddell

36:06 391st
Mercedes Williams 36:34 396th

Complete Results from Fayetteville

Regional Meet - Greer's Ferry
Thursday, October 27

On Thursday, October 27, the Sloan-Hendrix Cross Country team traveled to Greer's Ferry to compete in the regional  meet.  According to Coach Grisham, "They did great in the rain and have shown great improvement throughout the year.

Team Runner


Sr. Boys - Austin Clark 5th Place
Sr. Girls - Eunita Ames 1st Place

Meghan Griffin

2nd Place
Jr. Boys -
Zach Anderson 2nd Place

Zach Taylor

4th Place
Nathan DeShazo 5th Place
Jr. Girls

Jessie Powell

1st Place


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