Theme studies have been instituted this year at Sloan-Hendrix High School.  Using a theme and a designated time period allows teachers across the curriculum to contribute to the project.  The themes were set by the English and Social Studies departments and include Territorial Arkansas, The Holocaust, Civil Rights, World War I, and the Dust Bowl.  Below are some of the lessons, information, and handouts developed by the teachers for The Civil Rights Theme Unit, which was held April 8-19, 2013, as well as projects completed by students.

Algebra and Racism Mentality -  Mrs. McDaniel's Teacher's Notes

Letter From A Birmingham Jail
Word Processing Assignment for Computer Technology:  Intoduction


Digital Communications Flyers

Digital Communications II produced flyers using  the clipping mask feature of Photoshop and
layout ability of Indesign to illustrate key words associated with the Civil Rights movement.


Term of the Day Vodcasts

Civil Rights  by Tahya Taffar
and Haley Ligenfelter

Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Part 1

by Ashley Ward and
Katie Castleberry


by Alyssa Nichols
and Bailey Bradley

Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Part 2

by Danielle McManner, Kristin Henson, and Simon Decker-Perez
Segregation by Jessie Powell, Elanore Ames, and Joseph Helms   Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Part 3 by Ashlyn Hayes and
Sarah Akers

Hoxie Integration

by Hannah Thatcher,
Cody Anderson, and Madison Luffman
  Little Rock Central High School Integration
Part 1
by Kaitlin Briner and
Kara DeShazo
Jim Crow by Shayla Dickson and
Winston Clifton

Little Rock Central High School Integration
Part 2

by Krista Noles and
Bailey Medley
Brown v. Board of Education byJessie Powell and
Christian Capps

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