Theme studies have been instituted this year at Sloan-Hendrix High School.  Using a theme and a designated time period allows teachers across the curriculum to contribute to the project.  The themes were set by the English and Social Studies departments and include Territorial Arkansas, The Holocaust, Civil Rights, World War I, and the Dust Bowl.  Below are some of the lessons, information, and handouts developed by the teachers for The Dust Bowl Theme Unit, which was held November 19-30, 2012, as well as projects completed by students.

Lesson Plans

Mrs. McCormic - Health Science
Dust Pneumonia
Mrs. Morgan - Science
Dust Bowl - Effects on Land that Caused the Dust Bowl
The Greyhound
Issue 106; November 16, 2012; pages 6-7
Mr. Griffin - Computer Tech Intro
Dust Bowl - Word Processing Assignment
Mr. Griffin - Digital Communications I
Ms. Lawrey - Environmental Science
Are We Headed for Another Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl Flyers


The Dust Bowl Vodcasts and Podcasts
Created by SHHS Computerized Business Applications and Senior Technology Seminar Classes

Dust Bowl      

Podcast by
Keith Saylors

The Great Depression       Podcast by
Ivory Wells

Podcast by
Landon O'Reilly and
Houston Pfeffer


Podcast by
Ashley Evers

Dust Pneumonia      

Podcast by
Christian Capps

Migrant Worker      

Podcast by
Sarah Lamb


Podcast by
Christian Holland


The Grapes of Wrath
by John Steinbeck


Booktalk and Podcast by
Maigen Rogers and
Danielle McManners