Theme studies have been instituted this year at Sloan-Hendrix High School.  Using a theme and a designated time period allows teachers across the curriculum to contribute to the project.  The themes were set by the English and Social Studies departments and include Territorial Arkansas, The Holocaust, Civil Rights, World War I, and the Dust Bowl.  Below are some of the lessons, information, and handouts developed by the teachers for The Holocaust Theme Unit, which was held October 8-19, 2012, as well as projects completed by students.

Mrs. McCormic - Medical Professions
Medical Experiments of the Holocaust

Mrs. Morgan - Science
Rate of Infectious Disease at
Aushwitz Concentration Camp
Mrs. McDaniel - Mathematics
How Much is
Six Million


Ms. Lawrey - Science
Population Density in the Ghettos
Mrs. James - Language Arts
Holocaust Heroes
Mrs. Hill - Language Arts
Elie Wiesel
English 11 and
English 12
        AP English 11
Mrs. Dean - Language Arts
Ellie Wiesel and "Night" Lesson Plan - 9th Grade

Mr. Griffin - Science 8

Introduction to PowerPoint
Genocide in the 20th Century






The Greyhound
Issue 105, October 8, 2012 - Pages 4-7

Mr. Griffin - Computer Technology:  Introduction
MS-Word Keyboarding Assignment
Bullying and The Holocaust

Mrs. James - English 10 and 11
Writing Prompt - Author's Note
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Mr. Sloan - Mathematics
etermination of percentages, areas, and
numbers affected by the Holocaust
Mrs. Holland - Computerized Business Applications
What is Genocide?



The Holocaust Flyers


The Holocaust Podcasts
Created by SHHS Computerized Business Applications, Digital Communications I,
Digital Communications III Classes, and Senior Technology Seminar Classes

The Holocaust       

Podcast by
Kaylyn Ferguson
and Elanore Ames

The Nuremberg Laws       

Podcast by
Madison Luffman
and Cody Anderson

Work Camps, Concentration Camps, Extermination Camps


Podcast by
Ashlyn Hayes, Kaitlin Briner, Krista Noles


Podcast by
Alissah Harris and Bobbie Anderson


Podcast by
Krista Noles and Kara Deshazo


Podcast by
Megan Welch and Alexis Kulick

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
A Book Talk


Podcast by
Kara Deshazo


Podcast by
Maigen Rogers and Danielle McManners

Anne Frank: 
The Diary of a Young Girl

A Book Talk


Podcast by
Rebekah Swink

Mein Kampf             

Podcast by
Carla Mitchell, Bailey Bradley, Alyssa Nichols

Adolf Hitler
Part 1

Podcast by
Nicole Miles and Houston Pfeffer


Podcast by
Digital Communications III
Edited by Maigen Rogers

Adolf Hitler
Part 2

Podcast by
Kyle Murphy and Destiny Dail

Heroes of the
           Podcast by
Digital Communications III
Edited by Katie Castleberry

Senior Technology Seminar Class with
and the Man on the Street Report


Podcast by
Kara DeShazo, Danielle McManners,
Maigen Rogers, and Rebekah Swink