Minnie Atchley

A 1937 Greyhound yearbook has been donated to the high school library by Charlotte Quattlebaum, whose aunt, Minnie Atchley, taught Latin at Sloan-Hendrix in the early '30s.  The yearbook was a gift to Miss Atchley from the Senior Class that year.  Included with the yearbook is a program for the 1937 Alumni Banquet signed by Stanford Holder and a picture of Miss Atchley.  The book is quite a treasure due to its age and the unique binding and layout.  Instead of being sewn together, the book is bound with metal brackets.  The pictures are actually attached to the book as a scrapbook might be constructed.
Miss Atchley is mentioned in a Greyhound newspaper article dated April 3, 1931, as attending a social event hosted by Reverend and Mrs. Wilford for the “basketball men and their best girls” at their home.
Donated by Thomas A. Moore and family was Embrace the Past 1909-2009, a coffee table style book on the history of Arkansas State University.  Mr. Moore’s parents were Sloan-Hendrix graduates; Alva Truman Moore, Class of '34, and Bonnie Marie Gibson Moore, Class of '38. The book traces the growth of the university with pictures of the people and events that tell the story of its first century and is expected to be of great value to those seeking information about the lives of those who attended the school then or those considering attending Arkansas State University now. 
Thanks to both of these families for their beautiful and thoughtful gifts to the Sloan-Hendrix library.

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