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Mr. Lee:  Teacher of the Year Directed and Edited
by Savanah Williams
Why take Digital Communications Classes by Paige Ratliff

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Take Digital Communications Website

Why I am proud to say the Pledge of Allegiance
Finalist of the Elks Lodge Americanism Essay Contest
Mrs. Wallis's Sixth Grade Students

FFA Week Introduction by Bobby Powell
FFA Week Kiss-A-Goat Contest by Emily Ogden and Sara Childress
Who Will it Be?
FFA Week Activities by Eunita Ames
FFA Week Dress-Up Days by Ashley Ward
Twas the Night Before Christmas at Sloan-Hendrix performed by
Heather Bradley, Emily Ogden,
Paige Ratliff, and Casey Holder
Homecoming 2011
Friday Report
by Casey Holder and Sara Childress
Homecoming 2011
Thursday Report
by Alan Swink and Heather Bradley
Homecoming 2011
Wednesday Report
by Brooke Pinkus and Heather Bradley
Homecoming 2011
Tuesday Report
by Eunita Ames, Sarah Lawrence, and Ashley Ward
Homecoming 2011
Friday Night Events
by Simon Decker-Perez, Sarah Akers, and Sheyenna Robins
Homecoming 2011
Felecia Collins for Junior
Homecoming Queen
by Felecia Collins and Friends
Homecoming 2011
Kaylyn Ferguson for Senior
Homecoming Queen
by Kaylyn Ferguson and Friends
Homecoming 2011
Ashley Chavez for Junior Homecoming Queen
by Ashley Chavez and Friends
Homecoming 2011
Basketball Games and Dance
by Tyler Lepard and David Ward
Homecoming 2011
Paw Pride
by Brittany Childress and Evelyn Taylor
Homecoming 2011
Presented by Josh Winkley
and Brandon Barnett
Written by Skylar Campbell
Yearbook Pre-Sale by Adam Taylor, Kara DeShazo, and Casey Holder
Homecoming 2011
Brooke Pinkus for Senior Homecoming Queen
by Brooke Pinkus and Friends
Homecoming 2011
Breanna Gosha for
Junior Homecoming Queen
by Breanna Gosha and Friends
Homecoming 2011
Introducing Homecoming
by  Sarah Akers, Bailey  Medley, and Simon Decker-Perez
Homecoming 2011
Dress-Up Days

by Hannah Griffin, Courtney Hall, and Micah Newell

Homecoming 2011
Kara DeShazo for Senior Homecoming Queen
by Kara DeShazo and Friends
Homecoming 2011
School Spirit
by Samantha Honeycutt
and Kara DeShazo
Homecoming 2011
FBLA Food Drive
by Jesse Huffstedler
Homecoming 2011
Dress-Up Days
by Kara DeShazo
Homecoming 2011
Student Council Sales
by Jayde Brady
Black and Gold Games
Thursday, October 13, 2011
by Paige Ratliff and Emily Ogden
HOSA Breast Cancer Awareness Day
Wear Pink On October 15
by Casey Holder, Samantha Wilson, Heather Bradley
FBLA Fall Conference by Heather Bradley and Casey Holder
Razorback Day by Paige Ratliff
with help from Heather Bradley
and Emily Ogden
Talk Like a Pirate Day by Paige Ratliff and Casey Holder
edited by Paige Ratliff
9-11 Remembrance by Andrew Smith
Edited by Andrew Smith
9-11 Remembrance by Heidi Branscum and Heather Bradley
edited by Heather Bradley
Support Greyhound Basketball by Andrew Young, Alan Swink,
and Daniel Rowsey
Edited by Andrew Yound
Blood Drive
August 26, 2011
The Blood Drive has been Postponed
by Digital Communications III Class


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