Digital Communications III Mood Music 2014
Adapted from instructions from Michael Hofstein, Savannah College of Art and Design
Students produced a short music video that expressed feelings or emotions with a piece of music through a visual thought.  The emotions expressed ranged from sadness, to confusion, to terror.  Although it isn't necessary, most students choose to write a story through which to express these feelings the music elicits.
(Videos are WMV format which, although a small resolution, runs well in Internet Explorer; in Chrome the video may have to be saved first.)
Bailey Bradley "The Dream Reality"
Felecia Collins "Vengeance"
Ashlyn Hayes "Demons"
Haley Lignefelter "The Sneak"
Carla Mitchell "Tainted History"
Alyssa Nichols "The Nerdy Jock"
Jessie Powell "The Haunting Hallway"
Simon Decker-Perez "Life is Dull Without You"
Tahya Taffar "Wasted Love"

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