The Sloan-Hendrix Elementary and High Schools received accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in March, 1991.  In February, 2006, Sloan-Hendrix Schools were re-evaluated by the North Central accreditation standards and were found to be in total compliance.  The standards of educational quality established by this accrediting association signify that Sloan-Hendrix Schools has the resources, personnel, and leadership necessary for effective education.  This is the highest rating possible for a school in the state of Arkansas.


In accordance with the “Standards for Accreditation of Arkansas Public Schools,” Sloan-Hendrix Schools are in complete compliance.  All teachers are fully certified in the subject areas they teach and the high school offers more than the 38 units required for a full curriculum under the new Smart Core curriculum requirements


In November, 2005, Sloan-Hendrix Schools were monitored and evaluated by a committee from the Standards Assurance Office of the Arkansas Department of Education.  The On-Campus Standards Review Committee found that all programs were in compliance with state standards.  The visiting committee was complimentary of the educational programs and the quality of instruction provided to Sloan-Hendrix students.





  1. Sloan-Hendrix High School presently requires 23 credits for graduation requirements.  Students will be required to follow the requirements of the Smart Core or Core Curriculum in planning for graduation.  Beginning with the 7th grade students, parents are required to choose which course of study in which they wish for their child to participate.
  2. Spanish I and Spanish II classes are being provided through the Arkansas School for Math and Science Distance Learning Program.  New compressed video technology is being used to provide these instructional services to our students.
  3. Vocational programs are provided in Agriculture, Business Education, Computer Technology, and Medical Health Professions.
  4. An eight period day is in place for the 2005-06 school year to provide flexibility in scheduling for remediation classes for students who did not score proficient or advanced on benchmark assessments and to allow more course offerings.
  5. Advanced Placement courses being taught during the 2006-07 school year include AP English Language/Composition, AP English Literature/Composition, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, and AP World History.  This satisfies the Advanced Placement curricular requirements established by the Arkansas Department of Education two years ahead of schedule.
  6. Medical Health Professions is the new vocational curricular area in which students in grades 9 through 12 can participate.  Introduction to Medical Professions, Medical Procedures, Medical Terminology, Pathology, and Human Physiology/Anatomy are new classes that are offered this year.



  1. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills was the norm-reference test used for 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students during the Spring, 2006.
  2. Iowa Test of Basic Skills results: *

                                                Reading                 Language              Math                      Composite

                7th Grade                 43                            32                            48                            41

                8th Grade                 57                            49                            67                            57

                9th Grade                 52                            53                            55                            53

These scores indicate that Sloan-Hendrix 8th and 9th students were above the national average on the ITBS norm-referenced test.

* ITBS results are percentile scores.

  1. 7th & 8th Grade Benchmark Exams combined population results:

7th Grade Literacy                 48% proficient and advanced

7th Grade Math                                      53% proficient and advanced

                                8th Grade Literacy                 64% proficient and advanced

                                8th Grade Math                                      64% proficient and advanced

End of Course Exams combined population results:

Algebra                                                  81% proficient and advanced

                                Geometry                                               57% proficient and advanced

                                11th Grade Literacy                               57% proficient and advanced

  1. Students planning to go to college are encouraged to take the ACT college entrance exam.  During the 2005-06 school year, seniors who took the ACT exam and had completed the core college preparatory curriculum had average composite scores of 21.4.  The Arkansas state composite average was 20.6.
  2. Students who participate in the four week summer College Preparatory Enrichment Program continue to benefit from instruction they receive.  95% of students who participate in the program increase their composite scores significantly on the ACT.
  3. Other assessments provided for students include the PSAT, ACT Explore, ACT Plan, ASVAB, and vocational assessments.



1.          Academics is strongly emphasized at Sloan-Hendrix High School, but the development of social, athletic, and intellectually stimulating skills are also important.  A wide variety of extracurricular activities are provided and students are encouraged to participate.  Student Council, Jr. & Sr. Beta Club, Art Club, Quiz Bowl, Annual Staff, Future Teachers of America, Fire Marshals, Ralph Joseph Youth Leadership Program, Greyhound Newspaper Staff, Band, Choir, Jr. Counselors, Greyhounds Making A Difference (G-MAD)

2.          Vocational Clubs:  FFA, HOSA, FBLA, FFA Livestock Show Team

3.          Athletics:     Jr. High Girls and Boys Basketball and Track

                                        Sr. High Girls and Boys Basketball and Track

                                        Sr. Girls Fastpitch Softball

                                        Sr. Boys Baseball



1.        Renovation of the cafeteria began in August, 2006.  A new roof, ceiling tile, and ceramic tile floor was installed.  The family consumer science room was renovated in order for Medical Health Professions classes to be taught.



  1. All teachers have completed at least 60 hours of professional development and training in various subject areas.  Staff members have attended the following workshops:  Smart Conference, mathematics workshops, technology, gifted and talented, benchmark testing, instructional alignment, special education, career orientation, physical education, parental involvement, Arkansas history, and many other workshops sponsored by the Northeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative.
  2. Administration attended workshops on Next Step, ACSIP, parental involvement, anti-bullying policies, curriculum assessment, fiscal management, Arkansas educational standards, and technology. 
  3. Vocational staff participated in workshops in their specialty area including multimedia training, career orientation, and many others.
  4. Mitch Walton, principal, attended the Midwest Conference on Differentiated Instruction in Indianapolis , Indiana in July, 2006.  Mr. Walton and Shawn Johnson, school resource officer, attended the COPS training in San Antonio, Texas in August, 2006.



  1. Parents are always encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s educational planning.  Parent-teacher conferences are held after the first and third quarters of the school year.  Parents are strongly advised to consult with teachers during these meetings to determine each child’s progress.
  2. Parents are invited to participate in the annual 7th grade orientation session before the school year begins.  9th grade orientations are scheduled to involve parents and students in academic planning for high school.
  3. Parents and community members serve on various committees involving vocational and federal programs.
  4. The Sloan-Hendrix Parents and Teachers for Education (PTE) works cooperatively within the community and the school to get parents involved with the school and to provide informative programs of interest to all parents.



New teaching staff at Sloan-Hendrix High School include:  Melanie Stephens, jr. high science, and Ricky Grisham, girl’s athletics and physical education.  Kelly McCormick is teaching the Medical Health Professions classes. Angelica Clem is serving as the distance learning facilitator and Title I math instructional assistant.  Mike Baker will be the math coach and Barbara Lawrence will be serving as the literacy coach.




The Sloan-Hendrix School is accredited by the North Central Association and is in full compliance with state standards for the Arkansas Department of Education. Sloan-Hendrix Elementary School has 297 students for the 2006-2007 school year.  This is a decrease of 27 students from the 2005-2006 school year. 



Sloan-Hendrix Elementary teachers have each completed 60 hours of inservice training, provided by the Arkansas Department of Education, NEA Cooperative and district level instruction related to staff development. The elementary faculty participated in Smart Conference, Love and Logic, Math Links, Arkansas Math and Science Professional Development Institute, Instructional Alignment and Strategies, Focusing on the Benchmarks, Elf, Ella, So Many Books, So Little Time, etc.




All third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students were tested using the ACTTAP.

New norms are being set for this testing and the following scores represent the estimated new cutoff scores.


In third grade 47% of the combined student population was Proficient or above in mathematics, with 69% Proficient or above in Literacy. In fourth grade 63% of the combined student population was Proficient or above in mathematics, with 63% Proficient or above in Literacy.


In fifth grade 48% of the combined student population was Proficient or above in mathematics, with 48% Proficient or above in Literacy. In sixth grade 63% of the combined student population was Proficient or above in mathematics, with 57% Proficient or above in Literacy.


The Iowa Basic Skills test was also administer to all elementary students. This test compares how Sloan-Hendrix students compare to all other students in the United States.  These are National Percentile rankings.  For example, a ranking of 65% means that we scored better than 65% of the students who took the test across the country, and 35% scored better than we did.


Grade Level                             Literacy                         Mathematics

K                                                 69%                                   74%

1                                                  61%                                   67%      

2                                                  58%                                   60%

3                                                  49%                                   50%

4                                                  45%                                   62%

5                                                  50%                                   58%

6                                                  42%                                   58%                        



Two parent conferences will be scheduled each year.  Parents will be required to meet with teachers to discuss their child’s progress at the end of the first and third nine-weeks grading periods.  Continuous communications will be kept with parents through phone calls, letters, conferences, home visits and progress reports.  The elementary counselor provides constant tracking of each student and his/her progress. 


Elementary students will use parent communicator folders in grade kindergarten through fourth.  Fifth and sixth grade students use a day planner to help student organization and parent communication.

The parent center’s services include technology and materials to supplement the parent-volunteer program.

The parent center is located in the upper elementary building and has a full time coordinator.

Parents, grandparents, and community persons continue to provide a source of knowledge to the elementary instructional program.

The GUARDS, grandparents reading program is expected to continue its expansion this year.

Mrs. Bonnie Young is employed as the parent center coordinator, and Mrs. Rebecca Jones is the certified parent center facilitator.



Sloan-Hendrix Elementary now provides 45 minutes of weekly instruction in art and music, and 60 minutes of physical education weekly to all students.  Also, students in grades two through six are now receiving more time each week in the school library.  Improvements continue to be made in technology with the addition of computers in the classrooms and in the computer lab.  Thirty-eight new computers were purchased and installed in the elementary school this year.   The Orchard software program has been implemented to help meet state requirements for the remediation of students.  This software also allows for the easy tracking of the state frameworks.  Saxon phonics is being continued in Kindergarten.  The Grandparents reading program of assisting students in K-2 in reading has continued to be a huge success.


To alleviate overcrowding in the primary grades, teachers were employed again for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Sloan-Hendrix has three sections in Kindergarten and 1st grade and two sections in 2nd through 6th grade.




Sloan-Hendrix is a school wide Title I program. Title I provides instructional assistants in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Mrs. Jennifer Grisham is now employed as a part time reading teacher in the primary grades.  Mrs. Peggy Smith is now a Title I math teacher for K-6.  Our parent center coordinator is also paid for through Title I funding.


Title IIA and Title VI funding provides a class size reduction teacher for first grade.  This has allowed us to reduce classroom size in the first grade from approximately 22 students each to an average of 15 students in each room.

Title V is used to purchase books and supplies in the media center.

NSLA funding provides monies for teacher inservice training, an instructional assistant for grades 4, 5, and 6, math supplies, and after school tutoring.  Those funds also allowed for the employment of a Math Specialist and Literacy Specialist for the district.


Mrs. Rebecca Jones directs the Gifted and Talented programs.  Programs are offered to all students in Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.  Third through sixth grade students are selected for the program based on their individual talents and their ability to manage a more advanced curriculum.  Those students are then guided through activities in art, theater, and research of core curriculum subjects.

ACT 1220

The Sloan-Hendrix Schools has formed a School Nutrition and Physical Activity Advisory Committee. The committee is made up of school administrator, food service personnel, school board member, teachers, parents, student, and professional groups such as nurses and pharmacist.

Funding received from soda contracts are used for providing accident insurance for Sloan-Hendrix Students.


Michael Baker – Math Specialist

Barbara Lawrence—Literacy Specialist

Janna Powell—Fourth Grade Teacher

Stacy Wilson—Third Grade Teacher

Leslie Bradley – First Grade Teacher

Peggy Smith—Title 1 Math Teacher

Chad Hovis – Counselor

Jennifer Grisham—Reading Teacher, Art Teacher, PE Instructor

Melanie Stephens—PE Instructor

Dorinda Dail –Instructional Assistant





The Sloan-Hendrix School District equity coordinator is David Cook.  He can be reached at 869-2384.


Sloan-Hendrix Schools participate in the following federally funded programs:

Title I – Sloan-Hendrix Elementary and High Schools participate in a school wide Title I program.  Instructional assistants provide supplemental instruction in literacy and math in cooperation with classroom teachers.  Funding is provided for professional development activities and the purchase of instructional materials and supplies.

Title II-A – Sloan-Hendrix Elementary School receives funding for Class-Size Reduction.

Title V – Sloan-Hendrix Schools receives federal funds to purchase library books and instructional aids and supplies.


John Smith has been hired to serve as transportation director.  Lynetta Smith is a new bus driver.


Effective January 1, 2006, school board members are required to get six hours of training every calendar year in association with the Arkansas School Boards Association. The current hours of training for each board member is listed below as of today, but it should be noted that school board members have until December 31, 2006, to complete this requirement.

Preston Clark, Noland Baldridge, Steve Huddleston, Joey Crawford have completed six hours of training.  Bill Davis has completed three hours of training.


The Sloan-Hendrix Elementary and Secondary School administration, faculty, and staff wish to thank parents, students, and patrons for their continued support of our school. We join with you in being proud of our school, its students, and their achievements.


There will be a public meeting held on Thursday, September 14th in the Sloan-Hendrix Cafeteria for the presentation of this annual report.