Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

30% chance of thunderstorms but otherwise partly cloudy.
High Near: 75
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National Weather Service, Thanks.

Cold start with sunny skies.
Low: 43 
High: 72 
Rainfall: None
May 8th-10th

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Greetings people of Sloan-Hendrix

Finally some dry time, will it last?  We did receive even more rain over the weekend, especially Friday night which did push area rivers to the edge or slightly over their banks.  We had a fairly nice day yesterday despite some clouds and the cooler temperatures.  The rain will likely hold off much of the day today as well though we did get a sprinkle earlier this morning.  A few storms are possible tonight but chances remain low.  Tomorrow looks to be another nice day, could we have 3 in a row?  Temperatures are expected to be warm tomorrow with highs in the 80s and skies will likely be mostly to partly cloudy.  It's tomorrow night that rain chances increase once again with storms possible, this chance will continue into Thursday as well.  Temperatures Thursday, and the remainder of the week for that matter, will be in the upper 70s to low 80s which will make for some very nice days temperature wise.  Rain chances exist Friday and then especially this weekend- Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday.  As it looks right now skies are expected to be mostly sunny early next week but the way it has been it might just rain.  I hope not though.

Well this is my last weather report here at Sloan-Hendrix.  I must say it has been a privilege to be the Sloan-Hendrix weatherman and provide weather reports online for the past year and a half.  It was February 5, 2008 (National Weatherperson's Day) when the first weather report came out.  "Greetings people of Sloan-Hendrix" was how it started and "Remember the forecast does change, Thank You!!" was how it ended as have they all.  That was also the day of Highland tornado and since then I have done weather reports on the Flood of 2008, Hurricane Ike, a fall wrap up and winter forecast and of course the Ice Storm, maybe I have just brought the crazy weather with me.  This report sure has been time consuming but I have greatly enjoyed it and I hope that for someone out there it has been an interesting and informative page on the weather.  Maybe someone even remembered their umbrella because they read my forecast.  Anyways, it sure has been great doing all of these forecasts, I hope you have enjoyed them.

Thanks Sloan-Hendrix, I'm going to miss this,
Ryan Difani (aka The WeatherMan)


Remember the forecast does change, Thank You!!

Partly cloudy skies with a 30% chance of a thunderstorm.
High Near: 75

30% chance of a few thunderstorms, otherwise mostly cloudy skies.
Low Near: 61

Partly to mostly sunny skies and warm.
High Near: 84
60% chance of thunderstorms, some of which cold be severe.
 Low Near: 64
50% chance of more thunderstorms early on.
High Near: 76
Slight chance of a few storms but otherwise cloudy skies.
Low Near: 55


Rain chances will continue for Friday and then especially on Saturday and Sunday.  Temperatures will remain in the mid 70s for highs.  More dry times are expected  early next week.

This Summer's Forecast:  HOT!


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May 12th "National Nutty Fudge Day" Look it up yourself. Hah!!
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