On Wednesday, April 29, Workforce Education Completers at Sloan-Hendrix High School were recognized for their achievements at a reception held in the lobby of the new gym.  Refreshments were served and a small gift was presented to each completer. Motivational speaker, Paul Vitale, addressed the students about their accomplishments and plans for the future.  Following the reception, completers joined the rest of the student body for an assembly with Mr. Vitale.  His theme for the afternoon was “A Hero Within, Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders.”  He encouraged students to strive to be the best person they could be; overcoming whatever obstacles life might put in their way.  Topics included: dare to dream courageously, establish a course of action, empower others to imagine, unite a common bond, and be resilient like none other.  Following the assembly, Mr. Vitale met with a small group of Workforce Education students.  He asked these students to voice their challenges in life and the classroom. Mr. Vitale encouraged these students to support each other and to be an example to others.  These students successfully completed a prescribed program of study dictated by the Department of Workforce Education.  Many students were completers in more than one area.  Special guests for the afternoon were business advisory committee members, Gevan Murphy and Carolyn McGinnis.

2008-2009 Sloan-Hendrix
Workforce Education Completers