The annual variety show for Sloan-Hendrix High School was held during seventh and eighth
periods on Wednesday, April 2.  The event was sponsored by the Drama Club, and Chasity
Collins and Phillip Dunn served as the hosts.  Besides just announcing acts, the hosts also told
several hilarious (more or less) jokes.  Serving as judges were Mrs. Margaret Stallings, Mrs.
Cathy Harpole, and Mr. Randy Gholson.  Prizes were presented to the top four acts.   The
winners were Sara Childress-4th place, Cortney Hall-3rd place, Mr. Sloan-2nd Place, and the
duo of April Smith and Austin Morgan who were declared the grand champions.  Four other
prizes were awarded to the audience members who could first answer trivia questions about
the songs in the acts.  These winners were Coach Grisham, Hunter Rogers, Colton Witt, and
Shawn Archer.

Variety Show Acts

April Smith and Austin Morgan

“When You Say Nothing at All”

Erin Richardson and Dawn Miller

“Ashes by Now”

Ryan Difani

“My Chains Are Gone”

Mr. Sloan

“You Lost That Loving Feeling”

Cassie Haines and Shilah Boudin

“Love Story”

Courtney Hall

“Jesus Take the Wheel”
April Smith “Natural Woman”

Dawn Miller

“The Lucky One”
Sara Childress “Battle”
Courtney Hall “Picture To Burn”
Erin Richardson and Dawn Miller “Findin’ A Good Man”
9th Grade Class American Idol