Sloan-Hendrix High School Drama Club performed in front of the kindergarten
through 4th grades of Sloan-Hendrix Elementary School on Thursday, March 5,
during 7th period.  The club members acted out four of the most popular
Dr. Seuss books:  The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, There is a Wocket in
My Pocket
, and Fox in Socks.  The elementary school was observing  a Literacy Day
honoring Dr. Seuss's birthday.  Many of the audience members, both students
and teachers, were dressed as their favorite Dr. Seuss characters.


  • The Cat in the Hat - Latricia Mans, Shawn Archer, Sara Groves, Hannah Rowsey,
    Heidi Powers, Austin Morgan, Alanna Sartain, Heather Geurin

  • Green Eggs and Ham - April Smith, Samanta Adams, Dillon Pins

  • Fox in Sox - Austin Morgan, Mariah Goodsell, Daniel Rowsey, Savannah Williams,
    Shilah Boudin

  • There's a Wocket in My Pocket - Ethan Doney, Daniel Rowsey, Dillon Pins

  • Props and Costumes - props and costume were Catilyn Difani, Katie Ponder,
    Felecia Buckwalter, Pawnee Forrester, Zack Swartzlander, Rhianna Lawson, Jenny Light,