On Tuesday, May 5, the Sloan-Hendrix student body voted for
Who's Who at Sloan-Hendrix High School for 2008-2009.
Mr. and Miss SHHS were selected by the faculty members.
  Mr. and Miss SHHS
Ryan Difani and Samantha Smith
Most Studious/Most
Likely to Succeed
Ryan Difani and
April Smith
Best Dressed
Andrew Martin and
Hannah Rowsey


Most Likely To
Be Remembered
Austin Morgan and
Chasity Collins
Best School Spirit
Phillip Dunn and
Nicky Patterson


Alex Dickerson and
 Samantha Smith
Most Talented
Austin Morgan and
Courtney Hall
Best Senior Athletes
Chad Orrick and
Hannah Rowsey
12th Grade Favorites
 Ryan Difani and
Chasity Collins

Best Junior Athletes
Zack Brown and
Gennifer Simpson
(No Photo Available)
Teacher of the Year
Mr. Jason Lee



 Class Favorites

7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade
Eric Hill,
Kaitlyn Briner,
Clearencia Kelson
Aaron Slusser
Carrie Brown
Lucas Conrad
Sara Childress
Jacob Beane,
Stetson Wells,
Maegan Austin
Aaron Higginbotham
Kayla Brown