SHHS TONE Representatives 2009-2010
TONE (Teens of Northeast) Representatives were selected by each class at the assembly held
on Wednesday, September 2 in the new gym.  TONE is dedicated to develop students who lead
others in positive decisions, such as remaining drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. TONE is
also an advocate of safe living such as abstinence, wearing seatbelts, and driving safely. The club has
two major events: TONE Summit, and TONE Conference, in which students from all over
Northeast Arkansas come together to share ideas, learn facts, and have fun, drug-free style.
Miss Tara Walker is the sponsor of TONE.
SHHS TONE 2009-2010
TONE President-Morgan Smith
TONE Vice President-Kaitlyn Ponder

TONE Representatives

          12 Grade-Amanda Holland, Nikki Patterson,
11th Grade-Jacob Beane, Chase Dejournett, Caitlyn Difani
10th Grade-Elizabeth Van Oven, Emily Ogden
9th Grade-Shayla Dickson, Bobby Powell
8th Grade-Jessica Dodd, Austin Morris
Sponsor-Tara Walker