Teacher for a Day


     On Friday, April 29, the Future Teachers of America, sponsored by Mrs. Comadoll and Mr. Walton, participated in the annual Teacher For A Day. Each member got to shadow one teacher all day long. Some were coaches, others math teachers, and still others history buffs. Mr. Griffin sarcastically said he should be ashamed of himself for working Aaron Johnson like a mule. Jaime learned how to prepare a high-quality field for the Regional Softball Tournament while being Coach Richey. There was a hamburger cookout scheduled for lunch, but due to the rainy weather it was moved to the next Monday. All of the high school faculty and FTA members gathered in Mrs. Jonesís room to enjoy the hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by Mr. Walton. Mrs. Comadoll and Mrs. Margaret Matthews really enjoyed making tons of hamburger patties. Lisa Lodholtz thinks that the food was great. After the day was done, all of the members realized what hard work being a teacher really is.

Mr. Walton - Riley Adams and Peyton Murphy
Mrs. Comadoll - Lisa Lodholtz and Jessica Ford
Mrs. James - David Bartlett
Mrs. Parker - Tabitha Young
Mr. Towell - Brad Bridges
Mrs. Yancey - Tamrin Collins
Mr. Lee - Cassie Maple
Mr. Thomison - Paula Evans
Mrs. K. Matthews - Cody Slusser
Mr. Sloan - Theresa Schild
Mrs. Murphy - Dana Winters
Mrs. Hill - Marti Tate
Ms. Lawrey - Cody Adams
Mrs. Morgan - Heather Keough
Coach Richey - Jaime Steele and Travis Adams
Coach Foreman - Jennifer Hackworth and Tessa Blansett
Mr. Griffin - Aaron Johnson
Mrs. Holland - Ashley Milligan
Mrs. Blake - Teresa Bradley
Mrs. Roberts - Jeremy Gibson
Mr. Wallis - Leslie Green
Mrs. Jones - Allison Starr
Mr. Johnson - Brenda Bailey

FTA Cookout

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