The AA State Tournament was held at Sloan-Hendrix High School March 1-5, 2005.  This enormous undertaking was by anyone's standards, a great success.  The amount of work that goes into an event such as this is immense and would have been impossible to accomplish without the hard work and dedication of the Sloan-Hendrix Community.  Administrators, faculty, staff, students, and school patrons volunteered to, among other tasks, run the gates; park buses and cars; work in the concession stand; copy, fold, and sell programs; clean and pick up; greet the teams, serve as runners and guides; and cook for or serve in the hospitality room.  Security was provided by state and local authorities and emergency personnel were on hand at every game.  Perhaps the most important task which the entire community performed was to keep a positive, "can do" attitude all week.  The hard work paid off and now schools throughout the state, who may at first have asked "Where in the world is Sloan-Hendrix?", now definitely know where we are. 

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