Valentine's Week began on February 9, 2006.  On Thursday, Student Council handed
out hearts to the girls in high school, and if they talked to a guy, the girl had to give
that guy her heart.  On Friday, the 10th, Student Council handed out keys to the
guys in the high school, and if a guy talked to a girl, the girl would get his key.  On
Monday, the 13th, students wore red, for red day, and on Tuesday, the 14th,
students wore pink, for pink day.  Also on the 14th, Student Council officers spent the
day in Mrs. Morgan's room, blowing up balloons for the elementary and high school.  After
a long day of blowing up balloons, tying balloons, and putting ribbons on the balloons, the
students had blisters and sores on their hands, and needed bandages.  All in all, Valentine's
Day was fun, exciting, and tiring.

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