Sloan-Hendrix's Homecoming 2005 was held November 7-11.  The theme was"Winter
Wonderland."  The week leading up to the crowning of the Homecoming queens was filled
with Spirit Week's wild dress-up days, working non-stop on decorations, Homecoming
practice, and a spunky Greyhound Pep Rally.  The Queens were elected by the student body
on Friday by computer balloting.  Senior Maid, Skylar Box, was elected Senior High Queen,
and Freshman Maid, Chasity Collins, was elected to be Junior High Queen.  They reigned
over the Homecoming Ceremony and the dance that followed.  Congratulations to the Junior
and Senior Greyhounds for their victories over the Viola Longhorns!  Thanks to the Student
Council for the hard work to make this event so successful.