Students and staff members enjoyed fellowship and Mr. Walton's famous
 burgers during lunch on FTA Day held Friday, May 4.  Future Teachers of 
America-Teacher for a Day is a very popular, long-running tradition at SHHS. 
It allows FTA members to learn to appreciate a little of what goes into a
 typical school day and allows staff members to get to know their
 students a little better.  Below is a list of Teachers and the students assigned to them.

Mrs. Parker-Candice Barnett
Ms. James-Jessica Anderson
Mrs. Stephens-Kiala Downing
Mr. Lee-Trevor Anderson
Mrs. Rorex-Robin Wilkins
Mrs. Dean-Courtney Comadoll/Amanda Green
Mr. Thomison-Zac Phillips/John Land
Mrs. K. Matthews-Alicyn Huddleston
Mr. Sloan-Cody Simpson
Mrs. Hill-Natasha Difani/Vivian Veach
Mrs. Murphy-Kandice Henson
Mr. Wallis-Derek Martin
Mrs. Morgan-Karen Rorex/Jesica Forrester


Ms. Lawrey-Lucrietia Brown
Mr. Griffin-Whitney Goodwin/Tonya Dotson
Mrs. Holland-Dorothy Kirks/Amber Kemper
Mr. Foreman-Johnny Snyder/Jake Mans
Mr. Grisham-Brian Higginbotham/Gary Salard
Mrs. Mccormic-Lynsey Lawrence/Brittany Conrad
Mr. D. Johnson-Autumn Wilson
Mrs. M.Matthews-Eulalia Lewis
Mrs. Clem-Amanda Linebaugh
Mr. S. Johnson-Rodger Dexter
Mrs. Kristi-Jessica Calhoun
Mr. Walton-Brent Thielemier



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