Members of the Sloan-Hendrix Senior High Quiz Bowl and the Freshmen members of the Junior High
Quiz Bowl travelled to Jonesboro on Wednesday, May 9 to tour the facilities at the ASU Bioscience
Institute and the Forrest L. Wood Crowley's Ridge Nature Center.  While at the Bioscience Institute,
SHHS students conducted a DNA test on a strawberry.  Quiz Bowl Team members on the field trip were
Cody Needham, Tasha Keough, Samantha Smith, April Smith, Andrew Martin, Ryan Difani, Rebekah
Hickman, Latricia Mans, Shawn Archer, Nicky Patterson, Lindsey Needham, Aaron Kiker, and Sara
Groves.  The students were accompanied by Senior High Quiz Bowl Advisor Ms. Teresa Lawrey, and
Mr. Brian Keough.



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