Busy Bees Sting Area at the Regional Spelling Bee 2008

Walnut Ridge Community Center was the site for the Lawrence County Spelling Bee
February 7, 2008.  Sloan-Hendrix held their heads high and proved to be the
champions with big hearts, great sportsmanship, and incredible knowledge.
Taryn Dill, seventh grade, graced the stage with the final twelve along with eighth
grader Alan Swink who swept the team by winning first place of all eighth graders and
third place winner overall.  Sixth grader Eric Hill won first place overall and kept
everybody on the edge of their seats with 24 rounds against Hillcrest sixth grader Tim
Selvidge.  Applause was heard throughout the building as a standing ovation was in
order for Eric Hill who walked away with the Grand Champion Award and prizes
attributed with it.  Eric will go on to the State Champion Spelling Bee in Little Rock to
represent his comrades in March.

Accolades are extended to all participants of the spelling bee.  The eighth grade
participants were: Alan Swink, Alanna Sartain, Brooke Pinkus, Ethan Doney, Sara
Childress, and Heather Bradley.  Seventh grade participants were Taryn Dill, Kyler
Crum, Kaleb Briscoe, Rebecca Swink, Robin Buckwalter, and Zeb Gipson.  Sixth
graders include Jesse Hufstedler, Eric Hill, Austin Morris, Toby Lee, and alternates
Stormy Weiand, and Clearensia Kelson.

Following the spelling bee, students enjoyed lunch at the Parachute Inn at Walnut Ridge.
Some even decided to check out the pilot's seat just before take off and an exciting
arrival back at Sloan-Hendrix School!

Also attending from Sloan-Hendrix were staff members Donna James, Linda Wallis,
and Margaret Matthews along with Rebecca Jones, who is the County Coordinator,
and Resource Officer Shawn Johnson.