In the old gymnasium, on March 3, the Sloan-Hendrix Student Council
conducted an Academic Pep Rally.  During the Pep Rally, Student Council
members swapped places with faculty members to demonstrate good and
bad testing behaviors.  Many of the new "teacher's" imitations of actual faculty
members were instantly recognizable through their speech, mannerisms, and
dress.  The bad behaviors of the "students" were also easily recognized. 
The assembly was intended to encourage students to do well on the upcoming
End of Course and standardized tests by pointing out good test taking habits,
which include getting a good night's sleep, eating breakfast, and arriving to the
testing site early.  Mr. Baker, Sloan-Hendrix's Math Coach, exhorted
students to "stand up and be counted," encouraging them to do their best on
these vitally important tests. 

(Photos by Sara Groves)