On Friday, April 15, the annual Junior/Senior Banquet and Prom were held in the Sloan-Hendrix cafeteria.  Theme for the evening was Grecian Gardens.
The Grand March began the festivities as members of the Junior and Senior classes were introduced by Mr. Clifford Rorex, high school principal.  After all the guests were seated, a welcome was given by Junior class president, Zach Brown, and a response followed by Senior class president, Jake Beane.  Casey Holder offered the invocation and the meal was served.  A slide show was presented by Brooke Pinkus and Morgan Smith which highlighted each Junior and Senior class member.
The prom followed the banquet with music provided by Sound Xtreme.  Prom King and Queen were Tyler Nance and Danyail Dail.  Prom Prince and Princess were Casey Holder and Nicole Comadoll.  Student council members elected royalty the week before prom.  Student council was also responsible for providing the d.j. for the evening.
A big thanks to the Junior class for their work on the decorations.  Junior class sponsors are Mr. Melton Sloan and Mrs. Kelly McCormic.  Student council sponsor is Mrs. Leah Morgan.
A special thanks to Mrs. Melissa Dean, Paige Ratliff, Courtney Hall, and Kelsey Snyder for sharing their pictures for the school website.