The week of February 21-25 at Sloan-Hendrix was designated as FFA Week.  The initiation of the Greenhands began the week.  Other events in this year's observance included a petting zoo, lunch time games, dress up days, and the Friday cookout/farmhand auction.  Back this year was the popular Kiss-A-Goat fundraiser.  Participating teachers kept a Mason jar on their desks throughout the week for donations.  Mrs. Linda Wallis was the teacher receiving the most money and won the honor of kissing a goat at an assembly of the student body.  All proceeds from the Kiss-A-Goat and the farmhand auction fundraiser go to benefit Heifer International.  Kiss-A-Goat earned $258.99 and the farmhand auction brought in $1220 for a grand total of $1478.99 raised at Sloan-Hendrix during FFA Week for Heifer International.