On Thursday, May 5, 2011, FFA advisor, Joe Wallis, 12 Sloan-Hendrix Show Team members, and 17 alumni, friends, and family members loaded up 18 head of cattle and headed to Little Rock to exhibit in the Arkansas State Spring Livestock show on Saturday, May 7, 2011. 

Upon arriving on the fair grounds, everyone pitched in and unloaded and set up all the equipment, and prepared the stall and tie out areas for the cattle. After the cattle were tied out for the night, everyone went to the motel, cleaned up, and went out and ate a well deserved steak dinner.

Friday was a very busy day.  Cattle had to be fed, washed, blow dried, and then groomed for the show on Saturday. Four exhibitors showed in showmanship on Friday and did very well.  After a busy, hard working day, everyone enjoyed an early evening.  Some took advantage and went to bed early while others decided to relax by the pool until the sun went down.  Mr. Joe had to remind some exhibitors that leaving at 5:30 a.m. would come very early.

Saturday proved to be a rewarding but exhausting day for everyone.  Everyone’s day started before sunrise. Once again the cattle had to be washed and dried in order to fit them and be ready for the 9 a.m. show.

For some exhibitors their day ended after the last show of the State Spring Show.  For those who exhibited Simmental and Charolais, they had to compete one more time.  Two team members competed in the Arkansas Simmental Field Day and did very well in both the show and showmanship.

The Sloan-Hendrix Show team would like to thank all the parents, family members, and friends who came out to help and support them.  The show team would like to especially thank Mr. Joe Wallis and Mr. Warren Williams for all the hard work they have put in on grooming the animals before every show and taking the time to teach the exhibitors how to fit and take care of their animals.

A total of 39 exhibitors, parents, family, alumni, and friends were in attendance for the 2011 Arkansas State Spring Livestock show.  Thanks for all the support!!