The Sloan-Hendrix Drama Club hosted a variety show on Wednesday, April 25 during 7th and 8th periods.  Featured acts included Kara Deshazo and 8th grade friends performing "Thriller";  Rebecca Swink ballet dancing; Sara Bowers singing "Walking after Midnight"; Ivory Wells clogging; and Rebecca Swink and Maegan Jines clogging.  Rebecca and Maegan were declared the overall winners with Ivory Wells second and the "Thriller" group third.  Judges for the event were Casey Holder, Adam Taylor, Ms. Thielemier, Mr. Presley, and Kyrsten Caton.  Selected videos produced by the Digital Communications III and IV classes were also presented.  Student videos presented were:  Heather Bradley--"Sadie Hawkins Dance"-music video and "Run"-mood music; Heidi Jo Branscum--"Random Movie"-promotion; Casey Holder--"Casey Holder, Man or Legend"-day in the life; Paige Ratliff--"Digital Communications Completer"-promotion and "True Colors"-mood music; Daniel Rowsey--"The Waiting One"-music video and "The Beast Within"-mood music; Andrew Smith--"Casey's Dream"-day in the life; Alan Swink--"Waiting"-mood music; Andrew Young--"Car Kingdom"-promotion and "Comeback"-mood music.  A bloopers reel from the "A Night Before Christmas" PSA was also shown.  Andrew Young's videos were declared the crowd favorites based upon the applause.  Daniel Rowsey and Paige Ratliff served as MCs for the event.