On Monday, December 3, the Sloan-Hendrix Spanish I and II classes accompanied their distance learning facilitator, Mrs. Angelica Clem to the Nettleton Fine Arts Center in Jonesboro.  There they met their distance learning teacher Mrs. Orrella and enjoyed a performance of the Justo Lamas Group featuring Ennio Emmanuel who performed traditional Hispanic music in both Spanish and English.  The Justo Lamas Group (from Argentina) Concert is an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language.  Ennio Emmanuel (from Puerto Rico), through music and songs, motivates to learn the language.  Ennio also uses this opportunity to deliver an affirmative life message that encourages students to live free of drugs and other addictions.  He promotes unity and communication between students and their families.  He encourages the audience not to give up when facing problems and to continue struggling to achieve their goals.  Following the concert, the Sloan-Hendrix group then went to El'Acapulco Mexican Restaurant in Jonesboro for a fabulous feast where they ordered their meals in Spanish.  Birthdays for Simon Decker-Perez and Shanay Richey were celebrated while at the restaurant.