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Sloan-Hendrix strives to educate students in a variety of ways, in and outside of the classroom.  Teachers are constantly providing new, and interesting learning experiences in the class and through club and organization activities.  This ensures that Sloan-Hendrix is never a dull place.  There is always something happening on campus at any given moment.  This page will be updated as often as possible to help you keep up with ...

February 2013

On Thursday, February 28, the Sloan-Hendrix choir competed in Choral Performance Assessment at the ASU Fowler Center in Jonesboro.

Sloan-Hendrix observed
FFA Week February 18-22.


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Biggest Losers are the Winners
On February 12, Mrs. Roark and the team of Mrs. Spence and Mrs. Harpole (the self-dubbed "Lollygaggers") were declared the winners of the Biggest Loser program at Sloan-Hendrix.  The goal of the program was to implement a wellness program for school that encourages faculty and staff to adopt healthier lifestyles, reduce health risks, and create a culture of health and wellness for school employees.  The voluntary program began with the new semester and was based on percentages of weight-loss.  The participates chose their own diet and exercise programs.  The program was administered by Sloan-Hendrix school nurse Susan Malone.

Sloan-Hendrix Academy
Greyhounds 1924

The more things change,
the more they stay the same.


Greyhounds 2013

Sloan-Hendrix honored the senior basketball players for their contribution to the Greyhound basketball program on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

On Friday, February 1, the Senior Lady Greyhounds became the Lawrence County Champions by winning the county tournament.  The Junior Lady Hounds were runners-up in the tournament.


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