On Friday, March 15, 2013, at the Old Gym on the Sloan-Hendrix School campus, fans from all walks of life were treated to a sports spectacle for the ages. Athens may have had the Olympics, Rome - the gladiators, Kentucky - the Derby, but Sloan-Hendrix had Donkey Basketball. Once a common entertainment across the country, donkey basketball has fallen in the last few decades to the category of sports where roller derby and hula hooping have gone to languish; discussed around the water cooler only by the aged with nostalgia and a smile. But, thanks to the efforts of the Sloan-Hendrix Junior Class and their need to raise money to support the Jr./Sr. Banquet, this fabulous frolic has returned to the Greyhound venue.

The fun began at 6:00 to a standing room only crowd. Pre-game antics included contests to pick a dollar bill off the floor and blind donkey diapering featuring Mrs. Hufstedler, Mrs. Morgan, Mr. Rorex, and Mr. Walton. Concessions and a bake sale were also available during the evening. The main events were a series of four games. The contestants were mostly SHHS juniors and senior, but also included Mr. Winston and other patrons. Rules of the contest were a little on the fuzzy side, but it is fairly certain that the contestants had to be on the donkey to shoot, which was more difficult than expected, since many of the players were off the donkeys much of the game; sometimes willingly, more times not. Winners/survivors of the contests won the crowds accolades, the glory of victory, and a life-time of bragging rights. Overall, however, many in the rollicking crowd considered the true winners of the evening’s events to be those who went home with the most dignity and self-esteem, the donkeys.

Photographs by Rebekah Swink