On Tuesday, September 11, Class XVIII of the Ralph Joseph Youth Leadership program from across Lawrence County boarded a bus for their annual trip to the 4-H Center in Ferndale and the Arkansas State Capital.  Leadership members representing Sloan-Hendrix included Nicole Miles, Kaitlin Briner and Alissah Harris.

The overnight trip included leadership and communication conferences and the ever popular ropes course.  More conferences were scheduled at Little Rock as well as a tour of the capital.

This is the eighteenth year for the Ralph Joseph Youth Leadership Program in Lawrence County.  Dr. Ralph Joseph believes in preparing the youth of today for the responsibilities of tomorrow.  By participating in this program, he hopes that these young people will be leaders in the county and in their local communities.

Besides weekly meetings and the trip to Little Rock, each school group is also responsible for participating in a project that benefits the school/community.  The Leadership Program graduation ceremony will be held in November.  Mr. John Thomison serves as the Sloan-Hendrix advisor.

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