On Saturday morning, September 20, a large crowd of students, staff, and community members gathered in the gymnasium to participate in the “Swishing Out Cancer” 3-on-3 Tournament.    This tournament was the brainchild of the Sloan-Hendrix Ralph Joseph Class XX, which includes Bailey Bradley, Brittany Gosha, Maegan Brown, and Madison Luffman.  The event raised almost $3,000 for Jessica Smith, a senior at Sloan-Hendrix, who was diagnosed with leukemia in August and has been a patient at Arkansas Children’s Hospital several times.


Winners of the tournament include Lauren Honeycutt, Jessica Murphy, Mikayla Kish, and Kacey Smith, seventh to ninth grade, girls division; Brantley Gholson, Matthew Helms, Shayne Dill, Riley Hale, and Corey Hill, seventh to ninth grade, boys division; Kari Presley, Jessica Segraves, and Teryn Gray, tenth to twelfth grade, girls division; Kyle Murphy, Tyler Murphy, and Ben Meigs, tenth to twelfth grade, boys division; Shelby Jines, Whitney Meeks, Amber Vanwinkle, and Desiree Byrd, graduate girls division; and  Patrick Bradley, Seth Bradley, Michael Bradley, Eli Casillas, and Jace Dunegan, graduate boys division.  Serving as referees for the event were Coach Presley, Mr. Waddell, and Mr. Winston.  Haley Lingenfelter and Cortney Winston kept the gate.


A bake sale was also held in conjunction with the tournament.  Mrs. McCormic opened her room for baking and organizing.  Mr. and Mrs. Rorex manned the bake sale table during the tournament.  Randy Gholson and family took care of the concession stand.


A special thank you goes out to all who supported the efforts of this tournament.  The kindness of so many was overwhelming.



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