The annual Sloan-Hendrix Black and Gold Games took place on Monday, October 13 at the Bill McCurley Gymnasium.  A long standing tradition at Sloan-Hendrix, the Black and Gold Games not only begin the basketball season, but for many students they signify the start of school season.  Some bask in the warmth of summer memories throughout the first nine weeks of school, approaching their education with in a laid back manner.  But with the coming of the Black and Gold Games comes the reality that we are in the midst of an educational season as well.  In other words, it's time to kick it in gear at Sloan-Hendrix.  Junior Bailey Bradley said "The Black and Gold Games are like a tradition, something we look forward to every year.  It kicks off what we all hope will be a great season for the players, the fans, and the school."

All teams played an intrasquad game, moving the ball up and down the court, running plays and making baskets, giving the enthusiastic crowd a preview of the upcoming bball action.  The Greyhounds were triumphant in all contests.   Also performing their hard earned skills were the Sloan-Hendrix color guard.  Citizens Bank provided free food for the event as well as threw out T-shirts to the crowd.  The Sloan-Hendrix PTE held a food drive during the games.   Twenty kindergarten through 7th grade students received Black and Gold basketballs for outstanding citizenship during the first nine weeks.    Sloan-Hendrix also gave away two free season passes.   Maddyson Lamb said "I think it is a great way to judge how the teams will do throughout the season."  According Zoe Thomason, "It is a great way to begin a basketball season."  Samantha Webb commented  that "It is a great opportunity to reward all the Greyhound fans with free admittance, free food, prizes, and a lot of fun."  All agree that the Black and Gold games are a great tradition and a wonderful way to start the  105th season of Sloan-Hendrix basketball.




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