The following article appeared in the April 3, 2015, issue of The Greyhound and highlights the renovations that were made to the old gym.  As you can see from the pictures, there was quite a transformation.  Thanks to Mr. Rorex and the board for their dedication to the upkeep of the facilities at Sloan-Hendrix.

Old Gym Gets a Facelift
by Jade Hickman

August of 2014 brought many changes with the new school year for the Sloan-Hendrix School District.  Among these changes was the remodeling of the loved, but well-worn, old gym.  Originally constructed in 1969, the gym had become somewhat outdated over the past 46 years.  Time, and some straight-line winds, had begun to wear on the structure of the roof as well.

Every hour of the school day students are using the gym to practice athletics or to participate in physical education classes.  However, the roof of the gym had begun to leak which left water standing on the court after a rain.  This, in turn, created a safety hazard for children and also caused damage to the court.  The roof over the lobby was actually a temporary roof installed a few summers ago after a severe storm.  Because of these and other issues, school officials felt that some renovations were necessary. Mr. Rorex, Superintendent, says, “The old gym has been benefiting the students for over 40 years, and hopefully we can have it benefit them another 30 years or so.”

The roof on the gym has been replaced, and the roof on the lobby has been as well.  New ceiling tiles and new floor tiles were installed in the lobby.  The bathrooms in the lobby have been remodeled and updated.  The basketball court has been re-finished and re-painted.  The lighting in the building has all been replaced, giving it a brighter and more inviting feel. Also, the old spray-on insulation in the gym has been scraped off and white, plastic insulation, which is much easier on the eyes, has taken its place. Central heat and air conditioning has also been installed.  Lastly, fresh coats of grey paint were applied to the exterior walls. The contract is with Jonesboro Roofing who subcontracted to Vance Construction.

State partnership money funded $165,000 and the insurance paid for the court. All together, the remodeling project came to a total of $600,000. Construction should draw to a close within the next few weeks with the completion date being around mid-February if all goes well. The majority of the work is complete.

When asked what aspect of the project he has been most impressed with, Mr. Rorex responded with, “The lighting is much brighter,” and, “The new paint definitely improves the building’s outward appearance. It’s amazing what a few layers of paint can do!”

Asked if he had any other projects in mind for the Sloan-Hendrix School District, Mr. Rorex stated there is nothing in the near future, but school officials are considering an expansion of the new elementary hallway that will add six to ten new classrooms. Eventually, he said they might revisit the cafeteria situation.

After the renovations:

Before the renovations:

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