On Friday, December 4, Sloan-Hendrix FBLA members attended Business/Technology Day at Black River Technical College in Pocahontas.  The meeting gave students an opportunity to take a practice test to prepare for the District II Conference in January.  Members also had the opportunity to listen to keynote speaker Yalanda Young Merrell who works for the  University of Arkansas Medical Sciences in healthcare career recruitment.  She related personal experiences to students about rising above circumstances and pursuing their dreams.  Sloan-Hendrix senior Dylan Templeman was chosen to participate in a demonstration about how hard work pays off.  For his good efforts, he received a monetary award.  Other students "caught" some prizes that were thrown into the audience and Halei Boyles won a BRTC T-shirt as a door prize at the end of the day.  After their testing session students were given tours of the campus.  BRTC now offers many 2 + 2 degree programs, the most recent of which is an engineering program in association with the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.  Students begin their studies at BRTC and finish at U of A.  The monetary savings that this package offers are tremendous.  Starting at BRTC allows students to begin their college career in a smaller environment.  Between sessions, students enjoyed refreshments provided by the BRTC Business Department.  FBLA members ate in the BRTC cafeteria and stopped by for ice cream at Sonic on the way back to school.

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